The grounds of Galway City Hall where the remains of a homeless man was discovered

Gardaí were called to the scene after midday, where the man’s remains were located in an area covered with shrubbery a short distance from the main Galway City Council building.

It is understood the man was homeless and originally from the Galway area.

His body has been taken to University Hospital Galway, where a postmortem examination will be carried out.

Man’s body discovered in grounds of Galway City Hall (RTÉ)

4 thoughts on “In Galway

  1. Sibling of Daedalus

    Very sad. Some day people will look back at this time and say how could they let it happen.

  2. DeKloot

    Homelessness needs to be rendered morally toxic. And for those in positions of power resolve but won’t should be universally, publicly vilified. That’s how I want homelessness considered. Unthinkable.

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