Former Minister for Communications Denis Naughten

Following the resignation of the former Minister for Communications Denis Naughten in October…

And the announcement of a review by Peter Smyth of interactions between Mr Naughten and businessman David McCourt, founder and chairman of Granahan McCourt – which is leading the last remaining consortium bidding for the National Broadband Plan…

To see if these interactions undermined the integrity of the procurement process…

Last night it was reported that Mr Smyth’s review has been given to the Government.

Further to this…

Will Goodbody, of RTE, reports:

The Attorney General has advised that the review of the National Broadband Plan procurement process by its Independent Auditor should be sent to the individuals named in the document before being published.

A spokesperson for the Department of Communications said it would be published shortly, but could not say specifically when.

The spokesperson also could not say whether those individuals named would be given an opportunity to respond to the report’s findings before it is published.

The report, which was received by Minister for Communications Richard Bruton yesterday, was not discussed at this morning’s Cabinet meeting.

It is expected to be presented at Cabinet next week.

Broadband review may be sent to individuals before publication (RTE)

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Courting David


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  1. Eoin

    I know Mr Smyth is a well-regarded consultant coming from the private sector. He also happens to do a lot of work for the public sector. I understand he has been connected to the National Broadband Plan procurement as an auditor for some time, I believe it’s years. While he would be outside the day-to-day operation of the procurement, I cannot understand why he would be perceived to be totally independent.

    There are sufficient grounds – the existence of secret meetings between minister and lead bidder, the incredible delay in the minister revealing all of the secret meetings – to at least suspect the process has been fundamentally undermined, never mind “tainted”. The minister and the lead bidder would of course deny the process had been compromised.

    If the government was serious with this review, it would have been undertaken by the Comptroller and Auditor General. Whatever Mr Smyth ultimately says in his report, after it comes back from consultation and undergoes a review before publication, I won’t have faith in it. Will you?

    1. :-Joe

      +1… Same auld story of dodgy dealings and personal or private agenda’s that get pushed through the system regardless of whatever the public is aware or unaware of going on…

      The tax money from apple could have been used to create a new public owned state run utility for broadband and telecommunications IT infrastructure and cyber defense etc. etc. but no, let’s just do a dodgy deal in a dark alley with some brown envelopes instead.

      The history of Board Telecom, Eircom, Eir and all the rest shows it’s been like this for decades…


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