We Shall Fight Them On The Breaches


From top: Irish NUJ secretary Seamus Dooley; NM chief executive Michael Doorly; Independent News and Media offices on Talbot Street, Dublin 1

This morning.

Further to recent developments in the data breach story at Independent News and Media (INM)…

The Irish Independent, reports:

INM chief executive Michael Doorly is expected to address staff today about the latest allegations... The National Union of Journalists has also sought an urgent meeting with INM.

Last Sunday, Sunday Business Post journalist Tom Lyons reported that in 2015, hard drives of up to six editors in INM were allegedly taken in the middle of the night and copied before being returned to the journalists’ desks before they got into work.

Mr Lyons reported that, in 2013, following a request from INM’s then chairman Leslie Buckley, there was a collection and examination of emails allegedly sent by a number of INM members to their private email addresses without the members’ knowledge.

The Irish Times, reported that former Sunday Independent editor Anne Harris informed the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner that she was told by INM management that her emails were accessed in 2013 as part of an investigation into a leak.

Ms Harris said she shared correspondence with the commissioner’s office after INM “started to stonewall” when she asked them questions.

Inspectors ramp up probe at INM as quiz starts of key figures (Shane Phelan, The Irish Independent)

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  1. Eoin

    Looks like this business where Denis O’Brien is the biggest shareholder has routinely spied on, or hacked its own employees’ records “in the middle of the night”, “off-site in Wales”, sometimes paid for by an offshore company owned by O’Brien.

    Quick, let’s award him a juicy big broadband contract!

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