TDs Stage protest At KBC Bank (RTÉ)

Earlier: ‘The Violent, Forced Eviction From Our Home Has Left Our Family Shocked’

Pic Via Mattie McGrath

17 thoughts on “Direct Action

    1. SOQ

      And why would it be popular exactly?

      Never got that word ‘populism’ btw, is democracy not meant to be about the will of the people?

      1. Rob_G

        ‘Populism’ is politics without making any difficult decisions. Like, it would be populist to promise to both reduce taxes and increase spending – sure, you might be very popular, but it would not be good governance.

        See also: Brexit.

        1. Leopold Gloom

          “I’m the most experienced lay litigant in the country,” Mr Beades told the Herald last night when asked about his own battles with the banks.

          He has lost nearly every case. Some experience

  1. A Person

    So this elected reps don’t agree with paying taxes or your debts. Fantastic country. Thi sis why rural Ireland is dying. The gombeens from the only one’s left.

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