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This morning.

Leinster House, Dublin 2.

Mattie McGrath TD (above left) and Michael Healy-Rae TD from the Rural Independent Group of TDs, ahead of a private members motion tomorrow calling on the government to immediately allow for the reopening of all indoor hospitality to everyone, whether vaccinated or not.

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Leah Farrell/RollingNews

Last night.

Dail Eireann.

Independent TD Mattie McGrath makes a passionate contribution to a debate on the final report of the Michael McNamara-chaired Special Committee on Covid-19 Response.

Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly’s absence during the speech was noted by Deputy McGrath.

He said:

“The Minister for Health said in his contribution at the start of this debate:

‘Our numbers have increased in the past week … but right now we still have the third lowest rate of Covid per 100,000 population anywhere in Europe.’

Why then is there all this fuss? We have to consider the other health issues people are dealing with, including mental health problems. I am glad the Minister of State with responsibility for mental health is in the Chamber. There is not a mental health bed to be had in Tipperary. People cannot access a long-stay bed anywhere.

We must ask why the Minister did not stay in the Chamber to hear what we have to say. Has he got something against us? He was with us when he was in opposition, challenging the then Taoiseach and the then Minister for Health.

Now he is on the other side of the House, poacher become gamekeeper, and he has no interest in what we have to say. He is showing total disrespect for us and for the House.

Why must we have such a disproportionate response to the Covid pandemic? It is a serious issue and a single death is one too many. However, I do not trust the figures and I do not trust the PCR tests, and my concerns in that regard have been proven.

The Government will not let any of the scientists or medics with a contrary view within an ass’s roar of the discussions. We have a controlled Opposition, a controlled media and a controlled everything else. It is time we let the people of Ireland live.

We in this House are fine because we are getting our wages the same as we always did, as are other public servants. What about the unfortunate self-employed people? What about the unfortunate people aged over 66 who are not able to live and do not have a penny?

What about the small and medium-sized businesses, as Deputy McNamara and others referred to, that are not getting anything? The lifeblood is being squeezed out of them and they cannot get any bit of solace at all. We need to have balance in our approach instead of this disproportionate impact on people.

Of course we must live with the virus. We are hoping for vaccines but, as other speakers said, I expect we will be waiting. There are games being played by the big pharmaceutical companies, with the talk of being 95% ready or 95.5% ready. It is a big game about who will be first over the line with the magic bullet.

That magic bullet will not be what the Government seems to think it can be. The people of Ireland are depressed and downtrodden, with no bit of hope at all coming into Christmas. People are wondering whether shops and other places will be open or closed. Ordinary people want to get out and work. One would think there is no end to the money the Government can throw out for different supports.

The HSE is, and has been, dysfunctional. I am disappointed with [Fine Gael] Deputy [Fergus] O’Dowd for singling out two particular nursing homes. What about the HSE disasters? Who put the patients with Covid into the nursing homes but the HSE? It was not fit to manage this or any crisis. We see what is happening with the children’s hospital at this time. It is an abomination and it is scandalous. I have no faith in the Minister for Health. It is nothing personal but I have no faith in him or the HSE, who are a case of Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

The Minister told us in the Convention Centre that if he was an outsider, he would still be objecting and looking for answers, but he will not give any answers now that he is on the other side of the House. I am fierce disappointed with the way he is treating this House. No matter what debate he is taking, he is flying away from us like snow off a ditch in case we challenge him. It is shameful.”

Full debate here

This afternoon.

Independent TD Mattie McGrath gets stuck into Chief Medical Officer, Dr Tony Holohan and his six-gun, Level 5 shenagians.


Update: Deputy McGrath has apologised to Dr Tony Holohan and his family for asking where he’s been the past few weeks. He said he knew Dr Holohan was looking after his ill wife.

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TDs Stage protest At KBC Bank (RTÉ)

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Pic Via Mattie McGrath

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Nat writes:

[Independent TD] Mattie McGrath getting a massively-overdue dragging on telly [Prime Time last night] – there is not nearly enough of this for the blethering bag of bulldung. No idea who she is though…



This afternoon.

Government Buidlings, Dublin 2

Independent TD Mattie McGrath (above) and former Ceann Comhairle Sean Barrett (middle) attest to attending the All-Party Oireachtas Group on Dementia’s third ‘Building Dementia Awareness in the Oireachtas’ – awareness training which is provided to TDs, Senators and their staff with insights on dementia.

Former Minister for Justice Nora Owen (top centre left) spoke at the event for the group which has has 23 Oireachtas members and run in partnership with The Alzheimer Society of Ireland (ASI).


This morning.

Portly pro-life Independent TD Mattie McGrath improvises on the plinth ahead of a series of votes this afternoon by the Oireachtas committee on the Eighth Amendment.

The committee, whose chairwoman is Fine Gael pro-choice Senator Catherine Noone (top), is expected to recommend repealing and not replacing the Eighth Amendment.


Politicians slam TD Mattie McGrath’s bizarre ‘fat lady’ comments about Senator Noone (Independent.ie)



This afternoon.

People Before Profit TDs Bríd Smith (left) and Ruth Coppinger holding Abortion pills during a press conference on the plinth before the Eighth Committee votes.


This afternoon.

Independent pro life TD Mattie McGrath calls Fine Gael pro-choice TD Catherine Noone biased before walking out of the joint committee on the Eighth Amendment.

Any excuse.

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 11.34.10

From left: Independent TDs Denis Naughten, Noel Grealish and Mattie McGrath outside Leinster House yesterday

Tick, tock.

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Independent TD Mattie McGrath (top)  and Fine Gael TD Bernard Durkan (centre right), acting as Ceann Comhairle in the Dáil last night and an internal Anglo Irish Bank email from 2010 (above)

Independent TD Mattie McGrath, from Tipperary, was the final TD to contribute to the Dáil debate on the Commission of Investigation into certain IBRC transactions last night.

He started to speak about the 2012 sale of Siteserv to Denis O’Brien’s company, Millington, when Fine Gael TD Bernard Durkan – acting for Ceann Comhairle Sean Barrett – interrupted him and warned him that certain people could take action against the Houses of the Oireachtas.

At one point during the debate, Mr McGrath, addressing Finance Minister Michael Noonan, Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald and Environment Minister Alan Kelly, read from an email.

He also referred to Denis O’Brien as Mr X.

Mattie McGrath: “I’m delighted that the Minister is here tonight and I know he’s tried hard, since he came in to Government to try and sort out the banking mess but there are huge questions that have arisen.
And I’ve some questions here for the minister tonight as well. In March 2012, an O’Brien special-purpose vehicle, Millington Ltd, was bidding €50 million in cash for Siteserv. The company we hear so much about today. And don’t look so perplexed minister, I’ve some questions that I’ve…”

Bernard Durkan: “I just want to warn you, deputy, I don’t want the debate moved into what is the subject matter of the origins of the debate so that just because issues in the public domain,some of them, I don’t want new issues, and new material, to be brought into it. So, and the House should always be aware, the House should always be aware, that members have absolute privilege and you can exercise that absolute privilege. However, that doesn’t stop a member of the public, outside, from taking an action against the Houses.”

McGrath: “I didn’t say he could and I hope you’ll allow my time. So, I don’t know, are we here to trash it out or not.”

Durkan: “You know the rules of the House.”

McGrath: “I know the rules of the House, but I think that was upheld by my good, learned colleague from Tipperary [Judge Donald Binchy] last week in the High Court. This is what’s going on. I mean, given that Mr X, sure were all know who he is, owed €500 million to IBRC in March 2012, why did that bank not ask him to pay down this debt by €50 million rather than giving him money to purchase Siteserv? Simple question.
Given that Mr X owed IBRC and IBRC were not concerned that Mr X was funding the purchase with more debt from other banks, making IBRC’s lending positive situation unsustainable, simple questions. What steps were taken by the board of IBRC to gain a full picture of Mr X’s Irish and international borrowings, before entering into the Siteserv deal?
If you or I walked into the bank, or Minister Noonan, and we owed them ten grand and we wanted a loan of €4,000, we’d have to ask the questions. So it doesn’t seem to have…there are two levels here of what’s going on, two different rules.”
Other IBRC customers were being put out of business or tiny bits and pieces in relation to what was going on.
…And what’s more worrying is is an internal email that I have here from two senior managers in IBRC. I won’t name them as you’ve asked me to, but the content of the email is strange. “You want to send me over your one, your one on Nama, if you do, if you did for this.” “I will lash it out later.” “Have a quick look at Mr X, there will be fireworks.” Internal. There. From your minutes. You said you couldn’t find them, they’re all there. I have them here I can hand them to you and documents to go with them.”

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