19 thoughts on “Blocked

    1. George

      The problem is it has been placed in the direct path of cyclists when they could have put it to the side if it needs to be stored there temporarily. But why is it there at all?

      1. George

        This is at a short piece of the path, a few metres long, where cyclists and pedestrians share the space (unnecessarily as there is room for both). So it may be intended as a means to slow cyclists down. If that is the case then this is incredibly stupid as it actually creates a pinch point .

        This is on St. John Rogerson quay not North Wall Quay.

        1. Rob_G

          If that is the intended purpose (and I suspect you are correct), you would think that they would have made it stand out a bit more visually…

  1. Holden MaGroin

    News just in. Cyclist outraged at having to cycle around something. In other news car drivers (sworn mortal enemies of all cyclists) can continue to drive roughshod over anything they want. Such as other cars, pedestrians and of course cyclists (25 extra bonus points).

  2. dhaughton99

    While we are at it The cycle lane along the quays just before the 4 courts is in a shocking state. You could swin in the holes.

  3. Nilbert

    I cycled to work this morning, and when I arrived…THERE WAS A HOLE IN MY SOCK….FUPP THIS WORLD!!!

  4. dav

    Is it part of the stretch of wall that was stolen from along the liffey (opposite Guinness factory) in the early naughties??

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