Veterans to use ‘sleeping flags’ to highlight homelessness (Irish Times)

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  1. shitferbrains

    Members of RACO and others who’ve met with Varadkar say he’s a cold fish, completely uninterested in the DF despite having kept the portfolio for himself.

  2. Tom

    This is a great initiative. The homeless issue is completely ignored in Ireland. You never hear it mentioned online or in the media.

    Finally these heroes are bringing it to our attention.

  3. Frilly Keane

    Well if it’s of any interest
    The Defence Forces Veterans Groups, and some parishes, and community groups, often publish notices of lads funerals
    Lads who have served and who have nobody around or left to send them off
    And request people to attend

    Happens here in St Agnes’
    If I’m about I head up
    If not
    Girls from the Credit Union head in anyway

    Glad to do it whenever I get the chance

    Maybe keep an eye out yerselves

  4. Catherine costelloe

    A good reliable friend of mine mentioned if a homeless persons sleeping bag gets drenched wet , that it’s not laundered, just replaced with a brand new sleeping bag. I have no idea where the used one goes….trash or recycled? As for food parcels it has to be Barry’s tea bags and Pampers nappies when these products can be got 50% cheaper in other stores. Anyone?

    1. George

      What’s your point Catherine? Don’t help the homeless? Where are you getting this Barry’s Teas/Pamper info?
      80 teabags for €3.50, what decadence!

      1. Anomanomanom

        I think she meant certain groups distributing the items will only accept certain brands. Well I hope that’s what was meant.

          1. Catherine costelloe

            Yes, that’s what I meant —-my friend said it was poorly managed . 80,000 relied on food parcels so it’s a sad reflection of poverty levels.

  5. Ian-O

    When I look around the world at other armed forces and armies, I look to our own and am filled with pride at what they do. Not the biggest, not the best armed but they actually help keep the peace and I have yet to hear of them committing atrocities, even at the individual level so let’s show them the respect they deserve. They bring hope and help to those in otherwise unstable areas.

    One arm of the state I am very proud of.

  6. scottser

    There’s a huge proportion of UK homeless that were ex servicemen. Still a great deal of drug and alcohol use on their down times and too few support services in place when they become civvies again. I note that our own army has no psychologist since 2018 either, when cases of depression and ptsd are on the increase.

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