A Healthy Look At Drug Users


From the results of a poll commissioned by the Ana Liffey Drug Project

This morning.

The Ana Liffey Drug Project published results of a Red C poll it commissioned around drug use.

It was carried out and published as part of the group’s Safer from Harm campaign, which is calling for the decriminalisation of people who are found to have small amounts of drugs for personal use.

The campaign is also calling for drug users to be dealt with in the health system rather than the justice system.

The project explains…

Safer From Harm

Ana Liffey Drug Project

12 thoughts on “A Healthy Look At Drug Users

  1. George

    49% want their own relatives to be given a criminal record because they used drugs (or don’t know)? Christ.

    1. Ben Redmond

      Not all those questioned have known relatives who use drugs or who have developed addiction. They were possibly answering what they saw as a hypothetical situation. It doesn’t mean that 49% in the survey are indifferent to the problems of drug addicts. They simply don’t have personal acquaintance with the problem and the efficacy of medical treatments.

      1. George

        Yes, they said IF they were caught in possession of drugs they’d want them prosecuted. Which makes them dciks.

      2. Ben Redmond

        The general public believes that heavy drugs such as heroin are bad, bad, bad. The Gardai, the medics and the politicians constantly tell us that heavy drugs are bad. Who else should we believe? The mass media report regularly that many longterm rough sleepers have drug dependency and won’t recover a will to normalise their lives unless persuaded to undergo careful and caring treatment. Free marketeers of the Adam Smith school say that if governments decriminalise heavy drugs, the market will collapse and the money flow to drug gangs will dry up. I don’t believe this “Hidden Hand of the Market” cause and effect theory.

      1. George

        I have a lot of sympathy for the victims of gang violence and intimidation arising from the criminilastion of drugs.

        The question is not “if your relative was using drugs and committed a crime other than possession”.

  2. Mick

    Every little piece of heroin consumed in Ireland is paid for by the people in the state either by the few that are working users or by the rest who of the users who are beg, borrowing or stealing….
    The fact that we already pay for their heroin this way and that it may often come with the added cost of a broken window, a bruised cheek and the empowering of people with guns is…. just a stupid way to do things….

  3. Ads

    In Portugal 17 years ago the drugs epidemic had spread into the middle class; your doctor, bank manager and estate agent were as likely to be addicted as your neighbours in the flats. The Portuguese decriminalised drugs – which is to say, they changed the model so addiction is treated as a medical problem. Dealing still gets you into the slammer. Users can register and will be given help to get clean, plus help to get work, housing and a regular life. If you’re a helplessly addicted drug user you get drugs.

    The result is that the gangs who controlled and profited from preying on addicts faded away. The addiction epidemic slowed and stopped. The decriminalisation (note, very different from legalisation) has killed the Mob’s profits.

    It seems odd that other countries are not sending study teams to Portugal to see how it’s done, and copying the successful method.

    1. AssPants

      Decriminalize drugs; tax and re-invest back into people who want to change their habits.

      Nobody knows what is best for an individual; save for the individual themselves. Government is here to provide the infrastructure for society to function. In my opinion, over the last ten years it seems this government is intent on imposing draconian measures to slowly eradicate any well-being in society. It is no wonder people turn to stimulants to drown out the white noise of Leinster House.

      Legalise narcotics and tax!

      More money for Leo’s socks and ego!

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