If Dogs Run Free


Fingal Dog Owners Group (Fingal D.O.G) hold a protest march last Month through Malahide village in opposition to the dog ‘off-leash’ bye-law  by Fingal County Council which restricts off-leash activity to to designated fenced-in areas and specific times (in smaller parks).

This evening.

A public meeting to discuss a dog off-leash by-law is to be held in Fingal County Council.

All 40 Fingal County Councillors will attend the meeting later.

They are to discuss with the residents and dog owners the adoption of the controversial by-law, which was introduced last June.

There is growing public demand to reverse the by-law as it prohibits people from walking their dogs off their leads between 11am and one hour before dusk in some public parks

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Controversy over dog off-leash by-law in Fingal (RTÉ)

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14 thoughts on “If Dogs Run Free

  1. Dr.Fart MD

    yea some lad pulled this bylaw on me in merrion square one day. i was throwin a stick for the dog in the open field, he wasnt goin near anyone, he was only obsessed with gettin the stick, bringing it back to me, then gettin it again, and so on. This fella cuts across the green, going hugely out of his way to come over to me and tell me to leash up the dog. He quoted Dublin city bylaw, and somethin about 11am, really said it in a way like “my hands are tied here” like it was his duty. HOWEVER. I’d keep him leashed up walkin around anywhere else around the city, because even tho he’s not dangerous at all, some people are deathly scared of dogs, so its not fair to have the dog millin around like that. I get it. Also, some people do have vicious dogs who dont harm them, but could harm someone else, and as we know how selfish irish people are, they’ll bring em out unleashed, and that can’t happen. SO ya can’t have laws for sound dogs and laws for bitey dogs. So the law has to cover all.

    1. millie st murderlark

      He sounds like a good stick in the mud.

      I hope you picked him up and threw him across the park for your dog to fetch.

  2. Friscondo

    Stopped bringing kids to local park in Newbridge, as some idiot lets his Staff Bull Terrior off leash and unmuzzled. Illegally. Just not safe. Also, had legs taken from under me by a German Shepherd off the leash, a couple of years ago. Some clowns just aren’t fit to own and look after a dog. As is the case elsewhere in life. It’s difficult to legislate for the stupid cohort, who will always be with us.

    1. Janet, I ate my avatar

      Friscondo that wasn’t aimed at your kids BTW, awkward comment follow,
      I’m sure they are beautifully mannered.
      Some idiots should not have dogs either, maybe a test like a driver’s licence could be implemented instead of every responsible dog owner being punished ?

      1. Friscondo

        Quite so. As I said, it’s an idiot problem, not a dog problem. I’m a dog owner, that doesn’t selfishly impose him on others. Same with the kids.

  3. Janet, I ate my avatar

    I’d like to see many people licenced to look after thier feral brats,
    and yes I pick up after my pooches who have perfect recall , it’s called training and discipline,

  4. Pixie Hat

    Our dog has to be muzzled because he’s an older rescue with issues. It’s really difficult taking him for a walk on the Bull Wall (which he loves) in particular because there are so many off-leash dogs with owners who refuse to call their dogs away. Our fella can do nothing cos he’s muzzled apart from have a good bark at the opposition. We’ve pretty much stopped walking him there. Lots of dogs-must-be-on-a-lead signs, which lots of dog owners ignore. He likes Howth too and there’s no problem there.

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