Liffey Cycle


Existing Wellington Quay, Dublin 2, and proposed changes to the road

This afternoon.

A Special Meeting on the Liffey Cycle Route is taking place in Dublin City Hall, with Brendan O’Brien, head of technical services in Dublin City Council’s traffic department, currently talking through the proposed route.

His presentation has, so far, included the following:

The meeting can be watched live here.


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24 thoughts on “Liffey Cycle

  1. Dr.Fart MD

    that would be great, to get more road space for cyclists to ignore the rules of the road on. COME AT ME, YOU DELINQUENT BABIES!

  2. Dhaughton99

    Maybe fix the cycle lane that’s already on the quays. It’s in a shocking and dangerous state.

  3. eoin

    Another boardwalk? Why not build 300 new bridges, of the same width of O’Connell Bridge, across the Liffey between Heuston and East Wall Bridge and you could have four lanes of motor traffic, and leave pedestians and cyclists on the existing roads. Would anyone really miss the river?

    1. Qwerty123

      Agreed, you could also knock down Poolbeg and stick a car park in its place at the end of your liffey road.

      1. Dr.Fart MD

        yea class. also it would just make sense to sack off the canal too, but not for smelly bikes, sure no one important rides bikes, just make it into a load of hotels. savage. think of the jobs! we could use another canal to build a tram to ferry in all the deliveroo riders and hotel workers, and ship them back out to the dublin suburbs of athlone when they clock off. if this is being in fine gael, sign me up! its easy.

        1. kellMA

          I nearly drove over a deliveroo rider on Saturday night. He was pootling along on his bike in the dark with no lights and clad entirely in black. Fupping eejit…

          1. Jake38

            That’s standard equipment for Deliveroo riders. No lights and dark clothing. Morons generally.

    2. Boj

      Pontoon the length of Liffey for the bikers…that’d be a great watch.
      Or empty and tarmac the canals, it’d be like the M50 for bikes!

  4. stephen c

    or how about make they cyclists go along with the luas tracks and along thomas st ,
    there is no need to further restrict cars on the already heavily burdened quays.

    1. Matt Fitzpatrick

      How about you throw away the car keys and get super duper fit with the rest of us hot ass cycle babes?

  5. gerry

    We could use a few bollards to keep the cars out. Why remove existing cast iron bollards when they can be moved a couple of metres and used to protect the cycle lane?

  6. Dub Spot

    Proposed Inns Quay, Four Courts image – is that pedestrian really gonna push that pram out in front of the cyclist? Compo Culture gone made. At least the courts are closed.

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