Adopting Changes


Minister for Children and Youth Affairs Katherine Zappone

This afternoon.

Minister for Children and Youth Affair Katherine Zappone has announced a series of measures in response to a report of the Collaborative Forum for Former Residents of Mother and Baby Homes and Related Institutions.

These will include much sought-after amendments to the Adoption (Information and Tracing) Bill.

Via The Department of Children Affairs:

The Minister has secured Government approval to amend provisions of the Adoption (Information and Tracing) Bill to provide for the greatest possible release of birth information to adopted persons and to other relevant persons, consistent with the legal and constitutional framework.

Amendments to the provisions of the Bill dealing with the privacy of birth parents are currently being drafted which will seek to remove the requirement for an undertaking to be signed by the person seeking their birth information.

The Minister also intends to bring forward amendments at Committee Stage in Seanad Éireann to provide a copy of the birth cert, where this is available on the files in State custody, to an applicant.

The Minister will develop a series of measures including the establishment of a scheme to fund permanent memorials in the locality of mother and baby institutions, provision of financial support to survivor-led groups for annual commemoration events, and a working group to develop a national memorial that commemorates, respects and honours mothers and children held in these Institutions.

A living memorial in digital, audio or visual presentation of information and individual narratives, will be developed to serve to support the historic preservation of this long episode in our country‘s history.

Language and terminology is important, and the Forum recommended the establishment of an expert group which would help replace the often derogatory labels which stigmatised those affected. The Minister will consult the Irish Research Council on how best to put together an appropriate research group for this purpose.

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8 thoughts on “Adopting Changes

  1. bisted

    …I think this is an evil person…evil because she is knowingly participating in the denial of outcome to a huge number of citizens…justice delayed is justice denied…her strings are being pulled by the most evil person of all…

  2. Long time reader

    I once gave Ms Z my Number 4 on the election sheet.
    She sounded like someone from Star Wars and I thought it would be funny.
    My Numbers 1, 2 and three got through, but she did too.

    I feel slightly responsible for the situation.

    My new strategy is to support Baby Pereppadan (FG) on May 24th.
    – that’s a MUCH funnier name.
    – what could go wrong?

    He sounds like a good bloke.
    His priorities are, (and I quote. This is how it’s written. The punctuation is his own):

    1) Tackling anti-social behaviour
    2) Illegal dumping
    3) Housing issues
    4) Protection of our green spaces

    I get 2 leaflets in my letterbox every week about it.
    I saw the posters on the lamposts before they were taken down.

    This guy is serious.
    I think he would even funnier than the clowns we have.

  3. Kevin Higgins

    Yo John ! Apparently my original reply of one word ‘Twinklebumsy’ was unacceptable and was reformatted. Another poster describes Zappone as an ‘evil person’ and post stands. Which do you think was more offensive and/or potentially defamatory.
    PS Hope you are in rude health !

  4. Kevin Higgins

    In the time-honoured phrase of Del-Boy’s Uncle Albert: ‘You know me son I’m saying nutting’

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