She Doesn’t Normally Do This


You know.

Maybe we’ve been wrong all this time about Frances.




Sunday Update:

This morning, a spokesperson for Deputy Fitzgerald insisted her team did return the dog to Senator McDowell.

She said a member of the public left the dog with them after asking them if they had a phone to call the owner.

She said Deputy Fitzgerald was as surprised as anyone when that owner turned out to be Senator McDowell – adding that the former Tánaiste is just happy that the dog is safe and well at home.

Frances Fitzgerald Doubles Down On Tall Tail About Lost Dog In Ranelagh (Newstalk)

31 thoughts on “She Doesn’t Normally Do This

  1. eoin

    She hasn’t changed one iota, has she?

    “She had to resign because she misrepresented the extent of her knowledge about what went on in 2015, she was slow in answering legitimate questions, her briefing to the Taoiseach saw him mislead the Dáil, and her department failed to discover important documents to the Disclosures Tribunal. Now Fine Gael wants to brush over that reality and claim the political high ground. ”

    1. Cú Chulainn

      There is no Triangle left in Ranelagh. The Green Party voted to get rid of it. It’s now a T junction. That’s the former leader of the PD’s dog. He lives c.50 feet away. As for redeeming her ‘reputation’; she’s known to be someone who is comfortable with mistruths, so all good then.

    2. realPolithicks

      So frankie was caught lying again, what a shocker. The atitude of these people to telling the truth is astonishing and they wonder why people have no trust in politicians.

  2. GiggidyGoo

    A lot of commandeering going on. FG must think the electorate are still as dumb as they were in the 70s.

  3. Liam Deliverance

    HA!, lovely, what a backfire, dog finds home, person does a good deed, dodgy politician exposed again for the fraud she is – Well done Kelly, you have done your country and this pupper a great service!

    Is that image the face she made when she realised this had not gone to plan! – HA!

  4. the bottler

    This lady wants to boost her pension with a snug job in Europe. She is at best, a failed public representative. And that is being polite.

  5. martco

    thanks BS for bringing this little piece of joy to me of a Saturday evening!

    I will enjoy my remaining pints & sleep very well knowing the bint was called out like this

    (also goes to show she’s some dope to have tried this in first place, wha!?)

    I hope for a humiliating vote count in the Euros & an imminent retirement from the Dail rather than take a battering in the GE

  6. martco

    – also –

    is there ANYONE dacent working for Fine Gael in this era atall?

    just seems to me to be like an endless train of sleazy operators delivering at best nothing useful whilst simultaneously ripping the piss out of us.

  7. Termagant

    The trick is to steal the dog yourself, just waiting for a lost dog to wander along leaves too much to chance

  8. Johnny Keenan

    So Frances Fitzgerald is running a puppy farm at an abattoir in Balls bridge where the waist coats are made for Simon Harris.

    Ya couldn’t make it up

  9. Dub Spot

    She’ll need Terrier Prone to tell her when to wag her tail, I mean finger, again….

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