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Beats the German version, in fairness.

You know.

Maybe we’ve been wrong all this time about Frances.




Sunday Update:

This morning, a spokesperson for Deputy Fitzgerald insisted her team did return the dog to Senator McDowell.

She said a member of the public left the dog with them after asking them if they had a phone to call the owner.

She said Deputy Fitzgerald was as surprised as anyone when that owner turned out to be Senator McDowell – adding that the former Tánaiste is just happy that the dog is safe and well at home.

Frances Fitzgerald Doubles Down On Tall Tail About Lost Dog In Ranelagh (Newstalk)


A skit promo for Discovery’s The Learning Channel by the comedy sketch group Mostly Water.

Works just as well for TV3, BBC3, Sky, Watch, Living, etc.

Still, we’d watch Cake Whores in a heartbeat.

Educational Television: Who’s The Target Demographic? (Huffington Post)

urlesque/image: TheLogoFactory