9 thoughts on “Revenge Is A Cold Canapé

  1. Ian-O

    Paul Williams….*snigger*

    Well done Al, you picked the absolute biggest clown to go by the title of journalist we have seen in some time.

    But then every (grandiose, self pity) circus needs a clown!

  2. eoin

    Busy man is our Paul Williams.

    He’s a speaker at the “International Fraud Prevention Conference” this week.

    That’s the gig run by Stephen Rae and, er, Paul Williams (and James Treacy of the interesting Stubbs Gazette business).

    Guest speakers include the Sinn Fein front bench Charlie Flanagan and Brian Hayes.

    Sponsorship still available as the Property Registration Authority (which was being displayed as a sponsor a fortnight ago) is no longer shown as a sponsor.


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