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Paul writes:

Misfortunate drug addict openly injecting yesterday beside the Bank of Ireland on College Green in Dublin (Foster Place). If a car was burning out here there would be an immediate response and assistance… but when a human being is burning out it’s as if they are invisible. We really need better help and services for drug users in this country.

21 thoughts on “No Quick Fix

    1. millie st meadowlark

      Is that so? I suggest you google BMW + engine fire and see what pops up.

  1. The Lorax

    It’s a health issue. Not a criminal issue. Decriminalise personal users and help them get better. This system is not working, look at Portugal, they have the right approach.

    1. Bruce Wee

      + 1….Couldn’t agree more. The fact is that the rule is to criminalize them instead of rehabilitation which has proved way more effective in Portugal. I know the mindset might be different between countries and cultures, but the simple fact remains is that the “War on Drugs” is not working.

      Cocaine addiction has rapidly increase in Ireland between users and addicts. The number of people seeking treatment for cocaine addiction increased by over 30 per cent in a year and almost doubled since 2011*. The supply of drugs is not being stemmed at all.

      Simply put, the money invested in chasing criminals would be better invested in cutting the head off and providing a service to help and reduce the addicts numbers. Currently we are using a water pistol on a burning house.

      Makes no sense. Matt William’s podcast recently with Dion Fanning summed it up quite well. To surmise: The people of Ireland have become extremely progressive as a society but unfortunately our politics haven’t caught up.

      (*Irishtimes 17th of April)

    1. Conall

      Just people trying to ease the pain.

      Have you looked at the backgrounds of habitual drug users?

      Sexual abuse, physical abuse, childhood deprivation and neglect. How dark the world must seem to them and how much they must welcome anything that moves them to a happier frequency.

      1. Dhaughton99

        ok, just thinking back from when I was growing up, the 6 people I’m familiar with who turned to hard drugs, 1 came from a really bad family. The rest came from good homes in decent estates and got into soft drugs because they always had money in their pocket and got into that scene.

    2. Bruce Wee

      Bit of a generalized comment but might hold weight in certain cases. It’s doesn’t change the fact that decriminalizing drugs makes sense and improve support of addicts. Hell, the tax from it might makes us able to afford the Broadband plan.

      1. Dhaughton99

        Holds weight in the majority of cases. I don’t know what decriminalizing of drugs will do other than making it more open. Your car is still going to be broken into, your bike will still be nicked, you will still be held up with a knife so that they can pay for their fix.

        1. Robert

          As long as rates of addiction remain what they are then yes, this is the case. However it has been shown that decriminalisation brings about reduced levels of addiction and makes it easier for more proactive interventions since its no longer necessary to work in the shadows.

          I think also you can look forward to directly reduced crime arising from the “business” associated with drugs.

        2. Bruce Wee

          All the above proves the point that a new, fresh approach needs to be taken to Law enforcement in general so why not Decriminalize users? It will release resources to help try and stop the house being broken into, your bike being nicked or held up with a knife (where do you live btw?) Why chase and throw resources behind the lowest of the drugs food chain and throw in jail those who are just scourger’s and the most self centered people ever.

          Why not redirect these resources tackling the Cartels?

          The courts are clogged with cases of petty possession and use. They just get a slap on the wrist, released and the cycle continues. Cut that out and resources are released and could be used more effectively.

          Makes no sense.

  2. SOQ

    This sort of thing has been going on for a long time. While sitting having lunch one day a long time ago, I seen a guy pop into a phone box on Dame Street to jack up.

    Ironically, I was also working with a guy who lived around the IFSC. He got so bad he turned into the most obnoxious bottom end imaginable. He once told me he had a payment scheme setup between 3 maxed credit cards to ensure no late penalties.

    They both needed help but only one got it I expect- says it all really.

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