How much?

Gillespie Lowe are pleased to present this excellent investment opportunity to the market. 35 Bunting Road comprises 9 self contained units to include 8 studio flats together with 1 one bedroom flat. The property currently produces an income of €70,2000 per annum

Good times.

35 Bunting Road, Walkinstown (Daft)

Thanks Gareth Stenson


Dublin Rental Investigator  tweetz:

I have reported 35 Bunting Road to @DubCityCouncil @DubFireBrigade and the PSRA, see email. Lets hope reverent parties initiate inspections as a matter of urgency. #RaiseTheRoof

35, Bunting Road, Walkinstown, Dublin 12 (

35, Bunting Road, Walkinstown, Dublin 12 (

28 thoughts on “Cry To Let

  1. missred

    No pictures of the prison cells/bedrooms. Who will bet that they are smaller than legally required….

      1. eoin

        So many pukey accommodation stories, no wonder you lose track and this one doesn’t stand out in your memory as landmark.

  2. Dr.Fart MD

    the fact that this is legal shows how much policy is in place. if you asked gov. about it they’d shrug and say it’s not up to them, it’s up to the property owner. i think sayin they leave things up to the private market is even giving them too much credit, i think they literally just do not do any work. they dont know how to do their jobs.

      1. Dr.Fart MD

        you tell me. it’s your area. but there must be some reason why none of them can do their jobs. eg. eoghan murphy just allowing indecent property to be built and seeing it as ‘part of the solution’ would not be doing his job. If he was doing his job, he’d impose regulations for that build, and cap how much rooms can be rented for according to size etc., but instead he just says “its another part of the solution” and allows it fly up unregulated. i could do this all day, highlighting how they dont do their jobs, thats just an example.

        1. Cian

          Wait a minute – what is his job? how do you decide that he is *not* doing his job. We have a shortage of housing. You want him to enforce higher standards and force lower rents. you can’t get both. Who will invest in housing in this environment?

          The department has a Mission (

          We are the Government department that is responsible for housing, planning and local government.

          Our Mission is to support:
          • the sustainable and efficient delivery of well-planned homes and
          • effective local government

          Our Statement of Strategy 2017 – 2020 sets out how we will achieve our goals to:
          – ensure that planning and building in our regions and communities contributes to sustainable and balanced development
          – provide for a stable, sustainable supply of good quality housing
          – provide a framework for the sustainable management of water resources from source to sea
          – support and enable democratic, responsive and effective local government, effective electoral management and high quality fire services and emergency management
          – serve society by producing and communicating reliable weather and climate information to protect life and property and to improve Met Éireann’s role as the authoritative voice for high impact weather in Ireland.

          1. GiggidyGoo

            Not very good at their mission are they? Apart from the weather forecasts sometimes. And the top boy is?

    1. ____

      This very definitely isn’t legal.

      If you look at on the map you can see that the place has been extended over the entire back garden.
      I’m afraid to think about what kind of a cobbled-together death-trap it is.

  3. edalicious

    Had a look at that on Google Maps, there’s no way they ever got planning permission to build that monstrosity and I’m astonished the neighbours didn’t kick up a fuss.

    1. Stephen

      Yeah I had a look myself they have completely built over the back garden there is no way that is allowed

      And doesn’t even look like some sneaky temporary structure type of job

    2. George

      10grand a piece to the neighbours, job done. Should be reported to the local authority

      1. Joe Small

        I don’t see a tenancy registration either. Shame on the estate agent for getting involved in a sale like this.

  4. Paul Doyne

    Time to emigrate. But before you do, can you try to force the government to allow you to vote from abroad for the foreseeable future? You know, like almost every other EU member. Then you can remotely bash them over the head for years to come for forcing you to leave your loved ones. Then maybe you can return.

  5. Steph Pinker

    Cian and Rob_G will be along shortly to announce fewer homeless family statistics on the [potential] basis of the sale of this family hub… or illegal squat – it depends on the hue of one’s glasses I suppose.

    1. Cian

      A one-bed self contained studio flat in D12 for €650/month?

      **If** this is safe (especially from a fire safety/electrical safety) then I don’t see a problem.

  6. Spaghetti Hoop

    Eoghan Murphy is in favour of shared living and communal spaces, remember.

  7. Joe Small

    Newspaper archives show the owner of this property was involved in unauthorized building as far back as 1969, when the Corporation demolished an unauthorised extension (though not as his own address).

    There’s also a planning application for Number 35 from 1974, for a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and garage. Another planning application from 1974 mentions a garage and two bedsitters.
    He is selling a car in the classified in 1963 described as “slightly crashed”! It might not be the same individual or even family but its keeping in character!

    I think its fair to say the planning file for this house in Dublin City Council is fairly thick.

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