9 thoughts on “Clampers Outside The Law

  1. millie st murderlark

    Is that not our very own Clampers Outside?

    I assume he has just popped into the shop for some nappies for little Clamp.

  2. thebómount

    Keep your slaps to yourself, the clampers are doing a great job unclogging our city!

  3. AssPants

    Of course they are exempt….. sure the security guards at Leinster House park freely on double yellow line at the corner of Merrion Square South and Merrion Sreet every day of every week, without fear of sanction.

    Some are more important than others…… us minions who work outside of public service are always the easy prey.

  4. Cian

    All Goods taxed vehicles are allowed stop for max 30mins loading/unloading on double yellows, except in cases where stopping would otherwise be illegal. Which is virtually all of them though – have to go back to the theory test for that, solid white lines, distance to junctions etc etc.

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