Someone Shout Stop


This morning.

Skerries, County Dublin.

Via Skerries:

Tree cutting in process at the moment on Church Street –  One has just gone outside Nealons, one is about to go beside the Coast and three or four more will go later today. The problem is they are breaking up the pavement. Local sculptor Shane Holland has been trying to stop them. He is asking for the Council to fix the pavements instead. He has chained his van to the one outside his house…

Skerries (Facebook)

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50 thoughts on “Someone Shout Stop

  1. Col

    What is the logic behind it?
    Also, it seems you can build a garden shed without people objecting, yet trees can be cut down willy-nilly all over the place?

    1. Mary Francis

      Cutting down perfectly healthy trees which will interfere with the 5G signal which will fry all our brains including plants and animals.

    2. henry

      Meanwhile our environment is going to cost the taxpayers hundreds of millions of euro in fines because we cannot cut our emissions
      Seems Leo cannot see the woods for the trees

  2. Liam Deliverance

    Balbriggan: 5 seats
    Tony Murphy (Ind) – 1,881 (elected count 1)
    Joe O’Brien (Green Party) – 1,552 (elected count 7)
    Seána Ó’Rodaigh (Labour Party) – 1,302 (elected count 9)
    Tom O’Leary (Fine Gael) – 1,215 (elected count 9)
    Gráinne Maguire (Ind) – 1,161 (elected count 9)

  3. George

    I’ll bet they won’t even bother removing the stumps and won’t replant smaller trees.

    I don’t see much damage around that stump.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      they could just as easily put a surround around the trees instead of this vandalism.

    2. postmanpat

      That is because the curb story is a crock. You know the real reason its because a few SUV and Merc driving tossers were moaning about that sticky stuff that ends up on their windscreen and paintwork whenever they park on the street. That, and some property owners chance their arm to get ongoing compo from the council because the trees block out a certain amount of daylight. So the council figures is cheaper to give the trees the chop. Nice trees too. Greedy boomers are behind this. Its always the boomers. The worst generation ever, the sooner there all dead the better.

      1. SOQ

        A proper tree surgeon could shape those trees so that there would be no light issues or even droppings onto the cars below.

        As commented above – vandalism.

      2. Jim Higgins

        Eh, I’m a boomer and I don’t agree with cutting them down – or wishing my generation dead, if it’s all the same to you…

        But hey, let’s not let reason or logic get in the way of a good divisive rant….

          1. Bertie Theodore Alphege Blenkinsop

            You’re making me out to be a lovesick fool when I’m actually a lovesick averagely intelligent person…..

  4. paul

    Skerries will be far less without those trees. May the person who made this decision be plagued by it for the rest of their (hopefully short) career.

  5. garthicus

    I live a few meters from this street and wish I was there to help the chap who’s trying to stop them. Awful.

    1. postmanpat

      A few Meters? Are you an ant? H…How did you get on the internet? oh God!! ITS HAPPENING!!!

      1. Holden MaGroin

        I lolled. Well actually it was a gentle exhalation of mirth. But still. Thanks.

  6. max

    All you need is one person to sue and say that they council were negligent in allowing the trees to grow and they will be gone. They should probably just stick up a sign saying “Danger Trees Ahead”

    1. Nigel

      I’m thinking if that were actually true there wouldn;t be a tree left syanding in any town or city in the country by now, so no, this latest surge in chopping is new, and probably literally evil insurance companies being literally evil and Councils being heedless amoral petty tyrannies.

  7. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

    While personally I’ve have no doubt this is the response to Insurance premiums and directions from internal Finance and Legal depts

    Tis worth remembering the devastation fallen and storm damaged trees can cause
    Storm Ophelia left a fatality because of a tree
    And I narrowly escaped a falling tree myself in Crumlin

    Even in me own backyard there are two gorgeous trees that are at the mercy of a tree surgeon
    If either of them go in the next storm
    I’m fecked
    And so are my neighbours

    Just saying

    1. Nigel

      If they were performing actual risk assessments by actual experts before chopping them I do think people would object so much. You cut down the trees you’re going to cause damage from the loss of shelter, drainage, soil stability, air filtration, carbin sequestration, biodiversity.

        1. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

          The lad I’ve brought in is going to monitor them over the next 12 months is so

          They’re currently dealing with killing off the ivy
          Which he said will take about a year
          And another crew is due in to reduce the canopies
          Which should all help

          Wait n’see I suppose

          But if they pose any risk at all they’ll have to go

          1. Nigel

            This is the right approach, though. You’ll only have them brought down if you have to.

    2. SOQ

      A tree surgeon meaning a REAL tree surgeon never cuts trees down if they can at all help it.

      I had one recently and it was like talking to a hairdresser. ‘I shape the top, layer the middle and clean the bottom up for light’ he said. I was expecting him to say ‘and sure I’ll give it a perm and a few highlights.’

  8. Ian-O

    Ah yes, release all that locked in carbon back into the atmosphere.

    I’m struggling to give a crap anymore.

  9. Cian

    “The council told residents the removals were in line with its tree policy which states that trees within five metres of a light standard must go.”

  10. :-Joe

    It’s encouraging to see so many give a fuppence about a few trees.

    Practicality and laws aside, I can’t help thinking someone somewhere said, ” Ok well now thatthe ‘green wave’ is coming because of climate change(it’s actually a crisis – Thanks Dick Chaney).. So you better cut down all those trees we had scheduled right away this instant.”


  11. Mary Brennan

    Stop them now .get tree surgeon out now and just trim then it’s terrible to look at does lovely trees gone and how long will the tree stumps be left there for someone to fall over them

  12. sekeeta crowley

    Why the tree hatred? We depend on them. Just leave them be and mend the pavement as needed. This tree chopping is happening all over Ireland and FAR too frequently with either no reason or a pathetic one given. Just stop it and leave them to grow in peace will you?

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