Live Fast Or Die Young



Staying in tonight?

RTÉ Investigates – Greyhounds, Running for Their Lives.

Via RTÉ:

The Irish Greyhound Board paid consultancy firm Preferred Results Ltd €115,000 to prepare a business analysis report in 2017.

It stated that 16,000 greyhounds are born each year, of which 5,987 are killed because they fail to make qualification times or their performance declines.

The report estimated 1000% more pups are bred than racing actually needs.

It proposed comprehensive reforms which were not adopted by the IGB.

Across the country RTÉ Investigates looked for evidence of what happened the unwanted dogs.

30 licensed knackeries in Ireland were contacted and – half of them, 15, said they would kill greyhounds for prices ranging from €10 to €35 each….

RTÉ Investigates – Greyhounds, Running for Their Lives at 9.35pm on RTÉ One.

Pic: RTÉ

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24 thoughts on “Live Fast Or Die Young

  1. Charlie

    Hardly a surprise. The amount of horses that don’t make it on the track and end up in ‘the factory’ is even more astounding.

  2. Rob_G

    Greyhound racing results in many instances of the dogs being abandoned (with their ears cut off first).

    In a given litter, there might be one or two pups that are good for racing (the others might be too slow, or won’t chase, or get freaked out when put in the trap). These pups are often killed and ground up for fertilizer.

    So yeah – bear that in mind before deciding to go for a night at the dogs.

    1. Ian-O

      Indeed Rob, we no longer have staff nights out there as once it was pointed out to people the reality of Greyhound racing, they had no appetite to be a part of it.

      What’s the purpose behind cutting off the ears though?

      1. postmanpat

        The ears are tattooed with the owners mark. They cut off the ears so it cant be traced back to the knacker who abandoned it.

      2. Termagant

        The dogs are usually branded by tattooing the ears. They cut off the ears so the dog can’t be traced back to them when they ditch it somewhere.

    2. Cian

      Millions of male chicks are killed in Ireland each year and nobody panics, but a few hundred dogs are killed and everyone loses their minds!

      1. Liam

        they’re apparently working on ways of sexing the eggs so they can move away from this practise.

  3. Slightly Bemused

    The brother is involved in the rescue and rehoming of these hounds. From him, and some of his rescues, I learend that they are very friendly animals, really good with children.

    I also learned that they are sighthounds – they chase their prey by sight, not scent.

    They also cannot sit…

  4. Cian

    “I also learned that they are sighthounds – they chase their prey by sight, not scent.”
    yes, and dogs can’t see colours, so they see in shades of grey – hence them being called greyhounds.

    1. Slightly Bemused

      Hah! Would be funny if it was true – they do see colour, just not green/blue.

      I mentioned sight hound only to separate from scent hounds (such as beagles) who track their prey by smell.

      1. Cian

        heehee. I know, but as a dad, it is required to make up plausible but completely wrong explanations for these sorts of trivial things.


  5. newsjustin

    I think I’ll watch this.

    It seems that the report prepared in 2017 doesnt pull any punches and was rigorous. But i dont think I’ve ever heard a worse name for a consultancy – Preferred Results Ltd.

    “Which results would you prefer?”

    1. Slightly Bemused

      When I was in college, one of the classes was in statistics. As one of his tests, our lecturer would give us the data, the answer he wanted, and tell us to use the appropriate statistical analysis to get that result. His point: you can choose and manipulate data to get the answer you wanted.

      I reckon these guys got the same lesson :)

    2. Otis Blue

      I thought the same.

      Still, I cant imagine the outcome of the research particularly suits the IGB. As an aside, for such a niche pursuit, the greyhound industry seems to generate a fair bit of negative publicity. Regardless, the tax payer ponies up year after year.

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