Ministry Of Silly Sidewalks


Ah here.

The Liberties Dublin tweetz:

Frustrating to see utilities happily unpicking the hard work to enhance the public realm along Thomas/James Street.

An effective system to compel immediate reinstatement of pavements is needed to protect extensively installed infrastructure.

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12 thoughts on “Ministry Of Silly Sidewalks

  1. Cian

    Try something: Go into the garden and dig a hole, and then refill that hole. You’ll end up with a mound. Where did all that extra soil/dirt come from?? Soil is compressed underground, and loses that once dug up.

    Same thing here.
    If these guys dig a hole, and re-fill it, and immediately ‘fix’ the surface you’ll end up with a problem in 6-months when the ground compresses. There will be subsistence and the paving will crack/drop/be a trip hazard.

    You need to leave time for the ground to settle and the soil compress, before you go fixing the surface. So the standard process is to put tarmac on the top (this has the flexibility to match the subsidence) wait 3-6months, then address the paving issue.

    1. jason

      Ever see the job the boys from northern Ireland do regarding this kind of thing. they leave the job as they found it and it remains so years after. see pedestrian crossings done approx 7 years ago at McDonald’s roundabout in Ennis. It can be done.

    2. Donal

      Cian, you really do have an amazing ability to excuse anything that any person/company/government etc with a little bit of power do that is basically inept/lazy/criminal.
      Of course these footpaths etc should be reinstated immediately, not doing so is laziness and likely money-saving for the company who dug the hole, your excuse for them is (in my opinion) bollocks

      1. Cian

        I’m explaining why you can’t immediately restore the original paving. If you do it immediately, the paving will subside and become a trip-hazard.

        The usual approach is to cover with tarmac, let it settle, and then restore the paving after the subsistence.

        If, after a few months, the tarmac is left and the original paving not restored they I’d totally agree that this is laziness and the companies involved should be fined/forced to restore the paths.

    3. Gerry

      That is not the issue. They are replacing paving stones with tarmac. Paving stones should be replaced with paving stones. And is it really necessary to destroy all the paving stones being lifted?

  2. Jonickal

    Dublin’s footpaths are shocking. Look at the state of College Green / Grafton Street / Nassau Street after the Luas works. They left those ridiculous metal boxes sitting there and filled in around them with cheap yellow tarmac. We’ve no taste.

    1. Cian

      Are these on the Trinity side of the Luas? or the other side? The Trinity side is, as far as I can see, neat and tidy.

      There is plan to put a plaza in College green. Why waste money making the current thing look nice if it going to replaced next year?

      Similarly, the path outside Nassau House (Nassau St + Dame St) is yellow tarmac – but Nassau House it to be demolished + rebuild.

  3. Cacamilis

    Same in Phibsboro and most parts of the city. Phibsboro paths were upgraded and are now back to tarmac patches. Nothing to do with subsidence. They are not fixed after 6 months

    1. Ian-O

      Where oddly, the pavements appear to be in quite good nick whenever I am about that area and that could be several times a month with work?

      Weird, huh?

  4. dhaughton99

    The 3 billion for broadband should be paid for repairing the roads and paths after the cable companies destroyed them.

  5. J P

    Always confused why the roads and pavements here are such a patchwork mess of different materials dug up and covered over randomly. Have lived in a few countries and never looks as bad.

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