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Ah here.

The Liberties Dublin tweetz:

Frustrating to see utilities happily unpicking the hard work to enhance the public realm along Thomas/James Street.

An effective system to compel immediate reinstatement of pavements is needed to protect extensively installed infrastructure.

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This lunchtime.

Sometimes cyclists can also be obnoxious.

Whaddyanuts writes:

Some complete bell-end has kindly left his bike laying about, half on path and road for good measure at a busy junction in Drogheda town. Everyone is finding it difficult to pass by, but funnily enough, nobody has picked it up and put it out of the way. If it’s still snoozing when I leave the cafe, I’ll gladly upright it.

More as we get it.




Waddyanuts writes:

Well, after enjoying a 45 minute siesta, I had another glance to see the slumbering pedacycle’s progress and much to my surprise its owner was in the process of waking up his bike. He was in fact, eating in the cafe and a man in his mid forties. No thoughtless kid was involved in trying to euthanise his trike….