Reality Cheque


Dublin Rental Investigator tweetz:

The reality of Co-Living is 9 in a 2-bed flat @MurphyEoghan A 2-bed flat at 58 Clanbrassil Street sleeps 9 @DubCityCouncil Sharing one kitchen, one bathroom. Earning €43k a year for a 2-bed flat. No @RTBinfo registration=Licensee=Zero Rights

58 Clanbrassil Street Lower, The Five Roads, Dublin 8 (

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24 thoughts on “Reality Cheque

  1. eoin

    Remember what the Sunday Times reported three weeks ago when it revealed how was enabling fraud

    “Raychel O’Connell, marketing and communications manager at, said the company did not “directly manage the listings that are placed on our site. However, we are committed to continually invest in our product to ensure that our users have the best experience as they search for their next home”.”

    Yeah, right, Raychel, “best experience” (see above)

    Don’t forget what the co-owners of Daft look like, you might have to turn your device upside down to get a proper look at one of these fine upstanding businessmen.
    “THE millionaire Fallon brothers have shared a further €8m dividend windfall with other shareholders from their online group of companies this year and last year… The revenues include the income generated by the and the Done Deal websites. “

    1. millie st murderlark

      I’m sorry Cian but no. Charging €1300pm regardless of facilities is an absolute joke for a co-living set up. It’s not an answer to the housing crisis, it’s not an acceptable alternative to this utter shitshow, it’s outright robbery.

      Sure, it’ll suit some people, but let’s be honest, that’s a pretty small minority of people.

      1. Rob_G

        You also complained at the prospect of people in a rental house using the living room as an extra bedroom, so I kind of see where Cian is coming from.

          1. millie st murderlark

            @ RobG Just where is Cian coming from?

            He’s defending the co-living units, which are a rip off, and using this as justification for it. My reading of it is that he’s making a case that comparatively speaking, these co-living units are a vast improvement. If that’s the case, I have to disagree. They aren’t an improvement. They’re a more upmarket, more expensive version of the same thing, in effect.

            And, re my comment, do you not think it’s disgraceful that people are having to rent out living rooms for exorbitant prices? Because I do. Regardless of whatever point Cian is attempting to make, I think it’s an absolute joke, and I’ll stand by my earlier words (even if I can’t find that comment myself ;p).

          2. Cian

            “They aren’t an improvement. They’re a more upmarket, more expensive version of the same thing, in effect.”

            No. Just no. They are not the same.

            This post is having 9 people share 2 bedrooms and one toilet. 5 strangers in one bedroom. In bunks! 4 in the other room. 1 toilet. 1 shower. No amenities.

            The other post, was each person (or couple) having their own room, their own toilet and shower. Yes, they have shared kitchens. The block also has a communal rooms, a gym, cinema, games room and laundry room.

            And I never defended the cost. I repeatedly said that 1300 was too high. I was defending the idea of them. The cost will be what the market dictates.

      2. kellMA

        Does that include bills? When i was in uni i lived in a unit liked that – otherwise known as campus. At the time rolling it up to include the summer months I would have paid 300 IRP a month. So thats 587eur a month back 20 years ago. 1300 does seem steep to me but if it includes bills etc. and does have these additional free facilities then maybe its actually not that bad…. Id take it over that squalor anyday…

    2. Rich Uncle Skeleton

      So essentially have run the market so far into the ground we should take whatever we can get, even if this means paying €1300 per month for a tiny bedroom in a shared living space? Can you not hear how mad that sounds?

    3. BobbyJ

      I see you are still shilling for (Richard “Keep Pulling for Us” Barrett) Bartra Capital, Cian.

      Tell us again about your 650 punt a month Rathmines “shoe box” in 1996, that was fun

  2. Bebe

    @eoin, thanks for that ! Am sure they don’t share the bedroom with eight make strangers !

    Thanks broadsheet for exposing

  3. Barry the Hatchet

    “No @RTBinfo registration=Licensee=Zero Rights” Just to clear up any misconceptions, this is not true. If you are renting and the landlord is not registered with the RTB, you still have all the rights and protections of a tenant under the legislation. The tenant isn’t punished for the landlord’s failure to register.

    The thing that makes this situation precarious for a potential tenant is not the lack of registration by the landlord but the fact that this is probably an illegal sublet.

    1. Cian

      Yeah, I think that is what Dublin Rental Investigator means:
      As a Licensee you have Zero Rights.

  4. Brian

    ‘The reality of co-living’. I don’t think it’s fair to tar recent co-living proposals in Dn Laoghaire, Tallaght etc with this brush.

    1. Al Bin Man

      Yes they are far worse being such a rip off
      At least here you can love and live on the average industrial wage. Unless this is some LGBTQI thing?

    2. uncle gaybo

      I imagine this co living thing to be a sort of love island type scenaio, I don’t know why…..

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