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What St James’s Gate could look like?

Anywhere basically.


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22 thoughts on “Black Poo Corner

  1. eoin

    What about hitting British-owned Diageo with a bill for all the free water they’re using? I’d say we could seize the entire, what, 24-acres? site and build enough housing there for maybe 10,000. And stop that infernal “hoppy” smell that pervades much of Dublin 7 and 8. Win-win.

    1. thefatlad

      How dare you!!! That “infernal hoppy smell” is a sirens song to binge drink. I smell it of a Friday and it signals the weekend

      1. Clampers Outside

        it’s a lovely smell, although you don’t notice it after living beside it long enough :)

        1. some old unicorn

          I bloody did- Peir 19- several of my neighbours had to move because of respiratory problems during the summer months.

          Has anyone actually checked the dust levels from that kip? God help anyone with COPD.

    2. some old unicorn

      +1 the stink on the quays is sometimes dreadful.

      I wonder how many of those buildings are listed? There are some beautiful structures- from around 1920’s I guess. It would be a crime to knock them- just to build another generic Smithfield.

      I suppose they finally got their act together because of the government’s CPO threat.

  2. nilbert

    what’s going in in Dublin 2? I work near Tara street and the amount of development is enormous, but it seems to be entirely at the direction of private developers. Office block and hotels all the way from Hawkin’s street down to the Grand canal.I don’t remember any discussion or civic plan, or any kind of conversation about how we wanted the city centre to evolve.
    So far, its like a bog standard sub-urban office park anywere across Northern Europe. What little character had survived from Edwardian Dublin is being buried under a carpet of steel and glass blandness.
    But at least there will be loads of quirky little coffee and doughnut shops!

    1. Qwerty123

      i know, Ill miss the character of desolation and junky banter around the Townsend street area you speak of….bless…

  3. Mr.Fart

    jesus. so Diageo to announce they’re joining in disfiguring our historic city with more of the same? good grief. and such a beatufil building they have there, steeped in history. Pure ignorance.

  4. Joe Small

    Most of the area proposed for this quarter is just warehousing currently, behind the walls of Guinness on private property. While the proposal as it is doesn’t look great, its an improvement on what’s there now – possibly empty warehouses on private property.

    1. some old unicorn

      Private property does not mean the buildings are not of historical or architectural importance- the biggest private land hoarders in Dublin ffs.

      Besides, knowing Diageo- the entire thing will be crammed into 5% of the available free space just to get the government off their backs.

      They own most of Thomas Street, which is lying vacant- let’s wait for the plans.

    2. Rob_G

      Building a big load of apartments close to the city centre?? – of course the usual ‘sheet suspects are objecting to the notion.

  5. Conksi

    I’d imagine this is a softener upper for the public, ahead of announcing to move production to somewhere else, and then make some proper moolah out of its property portfolio.
    Coz how are ye gonna make guinness if its got load of moustahiaoed scooter drinking hobos zipping about on flannel

    1. some old unicorn

      The ignorance of this crew is shocking- frig all production happens in James? They can keep a small brewery and the brass plate- just pee off somewhere else.

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