Lowly Enterprise



Spotted on Pottery Road in Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin.

Micheál tweetz:

“Not cool @Enterprise in Pottery Rd. DúnLaoghaire, Ireland, I counted 7 vehicles illegally dumped in the Cycle Lane… at school finishing time, forcing me and my kids (and others) out into the dangerous traffic.”

Daragh tweetz:

“New Low from @Enterprise on Pottery Road Today. Bad enough using adjacent streets as overflow car storage – now the bike lane is gone as well.”

Free the cycle lanes!

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8 thoughts on “Lowly Enterprise

  1. george

    There was an update on twitter from Councillor Ossian Smith who spoke to them. He said the Gardaí also spoke to them and they will not do this again:

    “I spoke to Enterprise to explain that their vehicles will be impounded if this ever happens again on Pottery Road. The gardai have called into them. Vehicle unloading will take place in a carpark across the road in future.”

  2. Qwerty123

    Rented cars and vans from there aplenty, they really are short on space in their car park, need to move to a larger facility around there as it is very convenient location.

  3. Mr. P

    “forcing me and my kids (and others) out into the dangerous traffic.”

    I see plenty of room to dismount and walk along the footpath for the 20 yards it would take to pass the vans.

    A little disingenuous perhaps?

    1. george

      There’s always someone who will defend illegal behaviour by motorists when it gives a chance to kick a cyclist.

    2. Joe

      Did u ever consider she was cycling with her kids and couldn’t continue on the cycle path and was being considerate of pedestrians by not going on the footpath.

  4. Mr. P

    I’m not defending the crappy parking, which is crappy, but the hand wringing and exaggeration is there to be called out.

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