Meanwhile, In Knock


Hang on.

Didn’t Fine Gael oppose Monsignor Horan’s plan for Knock Airport?


Newly resurfaced runway opened at Ireland West Airport (RTE)

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18 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Knock

  1. Paulus

    Given Monsignor Horan’s involvement with this I’s be surprised if it wasn’t blessed at the time of opening.
    Still it’s had a new coat of tarmac so I suppose any previous blessing would be covered up or worn away?

  2. Gabby

    I hope Boris doesn’t bless a no-deal Brexit with the Knock holy water. That’d be approximating blasssssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeee

  3. Ben Redmond

    Monsignor Horan built Knock Airport on a wing and a prayer. James Horan and Michael Davitt are two of Mayo’s greatest sons.

    1. Cathal

      Kenny’s gone, Mayo FG seats are shaky, Varadker gladhanding madly in the hope that someone is returned (he’s praying it’s not Mulherin)

  4. Liam Deliverance

    So first week back after 6 weeks off, 2 days in the Dail, a day out at the ploughing festival, and today, a renewing of links with the RC church at the opening of a resurfaced runway – excellent leadership, i’m sure the nation is delighted you had nice weather for it.

  5. Truth in the News

    How much has this cost per Sq Mt in comparison to Dublin and wear and tear on the
    Barnalyra surface should have been minimal as the surface consists of crushed
    granite and not limestone aggregate ….Knock Airport is miles from Knock, as to why
    its called Knock or IWAK is a mystery even greater than the 1879 apparition up the
    road ……anyone remember Barry Desmond and the Dublin elite decrying its construction
    while at the same time clocking up an expenditure of nearly 300 M on the DART

  6. The Rt. Hon. Tub of Lard MP

    New runway? Why? I thought the latest US Marine jets had V/STOL capability. Heavy on the Mayo, Harry.

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