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On Wednesday, we posted Dublin band Porn Victim’s excellent video and song tribute to the Trip To Tipp entitled ‘A Fabulous Weekend’.

Using archive footage, it celebrated the return of the festival to Thurles this weekend.

Broadsheet commenter ‘Italia ’90’ writes:

Oh dear sweet mudder of gawd but that’s me at 3.24 to the right in 1994. Got fired from Bewley’s the following Monday for not getting all my deliveries done in Tipperary that Friday.Good times. Moved to NY a few months later…

In fairness.

Wednesday: Days Of Wine And Roses

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10 thoughts on “That’s Me In The Corner

  1. V

    You look more like *Tony Davis there ‘Talia, when he was a minor, like

    than Roj Blake

    *btw I could have said Beckham before he got his first tattoo as well. Just thought I’d observe the non-foreign game rules of Semple Stadium

    1. Otis Blue

      V – Tony Davis might just be answer to an interesting pub quiz question – is he the only player to win All-Ireland’s at Club, Minor, U21 and Senior?

      1. V

        Oh Jaysus
        Ya have me on the spot there now Oh’T
        He definitely has the full suite
        And an Intermediate or two
        And I know he has a Junior AI
        And there were two back to back AIs
        (Back to Back u21 and Snr btw)
        And then there were the back to back replays – I’m still not over them meself

        As to whether he is the only player now
        I couldn’t tell ya

        Interesting story
        Kinda – in a Cork come-all-ya way
        He got married the day of my 21st
        And all the lads from Donovan Rossas rocked over to mine later on
        Still all dolled up – button holes n’all

        Anyway that’s not they way they went home
        As they used to say about my Dad’s bar at the house
        He’s fierce heavy handed. And then blame, what was known around Cork at the time, the *blue vodka
        Nothing to do with me, but you can imagine the singsong
        Pals and Relatives back from Dagenham (and my parents friends and their plus ones etc)
        Nemo, Na Piarsaigh, ‘Rockies, Mayfield, ‘Dillons, Old Christians, Con, Sundays Well, ‘City Douglas Hall, my own clubs Dolphin, Douglas ah here
        I was so depressed at being 21 I lost my voice and was no use

        I don’t know if ye remember the ’93 AI
        Look at Tony’s face when he got hit with that Straight Red
        Over turned and recinded days later btw
        GAA were mortified
        Open to correction – but didn’t Derry offer a replay?

        Anyway if ye ever get to see that match in TnaG whatever
        Look at how he handled that
        Pure class
        And he was class on the Sunday Game too

        His brother Don, another class player, only never got the senior medals (2 beaten finalist ones)

        Last I heard was Tony was training Douglas
        And shur’ ye know Don is a Cork Selector (still I hope)
        And it’s been a savage year for Cork Football
        So these boys have a legacy no matter how many medals they have

        A real memory lane you kicked off there ‘Taiia

        And fitting it should stem from Thurles

        (*The Duty Free Smirnoff that was a tick or three higher in alcohol content, you could pick up via customs lads in Woodford Bourne’s or from the Ferry anyday of the week.
        Instead of the Red and Silver sticker it had a Navy and Silver one)

  2. italia'90

    That’s me in the spotlight


    Cheers Nick ;)

    A year later I was working for Miller/Molson and went to the Polar Ice Beach Party in the Arctic Circle Canada.
    Got chatting to Courtney Love afterwards – that’s a memory I won’t ever forget.

    I also worked on the Guinness Fleadh in NY a few years later. Not nearly as exciting or interesting :)

      1. italia'90

        That’s not quite how Cól Campbell interpreted the situation lol
        Couldn’t get the van anywhere near the feckin supermarkets.
        Didn’t turn out too bad in the end. Did me a favour I suppose.

        Went to work that Friday in a white shirt n tie but had me grey Prodigy tee shirt for the gig.
        The rest is a blur ;)

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