For Your Consideration


Kevin Ryan – Loons

Luke writes:

Filmmaker Fergal Brennan constructed the video (above) using home movies he has collected from flea markets and charity shops over the years.

The video portrays brief glimpses into everyday events – seaside holidays, visits to the zoo, family occasions.

Like our memories of past events, these images are unstable, but provide brief moments of clarity.

All Irish I think, some of it Irish people on holidays abroad. Some people may even see a friend or relative in there from days gone by….

Fergal Brennan

Kevin Ryan

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8 thoughts on “For Your Consideration

  1. Just Sayin

    I’m pretty sure the street scenes with Laceys pub and Godkins (a Bakery if I recall) are Wexford, which would almost certainly make the band the “Loch Garman Silver Band”

  2. V

    ‘be gas if another Broadsheet local spotted themselves in this one now too

    Btw Fergal is Lukie (off the telly) ‘s brother

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