People And Planet Before Profit


Above from left: Brid SmithTD and Richard Boyd Barrett TD and Gino Kenny TD

This afternoon.

Buswell’s, Dublin 2.

People Before Profit hold a press conference outlining details in  their pre-Budget 2020 submission document entitled, System Change – An Alternative Budget for People and Planet.

People Before Profit

Leah Farrell/RollingNews

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11 thoughts on “People And Planet Before Profit

  1. eoin

    Closing the loopholes whereby airlines are getting their fuel tax-free seems like a good idea. Of course, the airlines will try to pass on the cost to customers, but that’s no excuse.

  2. Gabby

    Will their radical budget get them out of the 1% rut they find themselves in according to recent opinion polls?

  3. john f

    There are some reasonable proposals like taxing aviation fuel, closing corporation tax loopholes, et cetera. However, the problem with the far left is that they then followed these up with some bat**t crazy social ideas like fully open borders, the middle class paying for everything et cetera.
    They often indirectly elude to how inefficient and useless, the top-heavy bureaucratic governmental administration is. Yet they also want to give these people more power funding and influence! Who else is going to administrate over their proposals?
    They are also always falling out with each other, one of them could start a fight in an empty room.
    They don’t really give a damn about the environment, it’s just the latest bandwagon for to jump onto to push their social agenda.
    I am not a fan of Fianna fail or fine Gael, but the alternatives are far worse.

    Socialism – we can’t all be rich so lets all be poor together.

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