How Much In Advance?


Ah here.

Saoirse Flynn tweetz:

Emailed a potential landlord about an apartment, and they come back to me saying if I’m a student they require 5 months rent in advance, the monthly rent is €1,050 by the way, what kind of elitist asks for €5,250 upfront off a STUDENT? Absolute disgrace.



There you go now.

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8 thoughts on “How Much In Advance?

  1. Joe Small

    Disgraceful. All the RTB says is “It is not normally required to pay a deposit plus several months rent in advance.”

    My only advice is to check if the property is registered and, if not, report him.

    No landlord had a right to an employment contract or a payslip either. All I ever had to provide was landlord reference and proof of employment.

    1. Cathal

      Government keep pushing the average wage number even though half the workforce earn roughly half that amount , by using the false number they can claim things are easily affordable on the average wage.

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