This morning.

A letter to Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, signed by more than 1,000 people, has been published on page three of The Irish Times.

In the letter, the signatories are calling for a “new conversation” about the constitutional future of the island of Ireland.

Over 1,000 sign ‘new conversation’ open letter to Taoiseach (The Irish Times)

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12 thoughts on “Dear Leo…

  1. theo kretschmar schuldorff

    We do not need to be taking a political cue from the Diaspora.
    No representation without taxation!

  2. Jake38

    Question 1. Who wants to be in bed with a sectarian horde who hates you?

    Question 2. Who wants to pay more taxes to fund their €12 billion annually in dole handouts?

    Question 3…….

    1. Termagant

      I’m a strong believer in Northern Irish independence

      I have a particularly strong belief that I don’t want them to be dependent on us

  3. A Person

    Leave the nordies where they are. All you need to do is look at the intimidation of the Quinn group to realise what a substantial amount of headbangers will do when they don’t get their own way. We don’t have the money to pay for their so called “peace” projects and organisations. We’ve enough criminals here already.

  4. Ben Redmond

    The general public in the republic has ambivalent feelings about the general public in Northern Ireland. We need to have a “new conversation” about all that. Don’t regard articles in the newspapers and comments by chatshow guests on television – the usual suspects we’ve seen so often – as representative of that conversation.

  5. Ron

    Please, the daw jawed political filth in this country can barely look after 26 counties, never mind throwing in another 6 to the mix.

    Utter pie in the sky stuff. On more pressing matters, why isn’t everyone talking about how the political filth bags in Leinster House have been fraudulently claiming for attendance expenses when they are not present.

    Are the subservient Irish paddy voters just going to roll over like they normally do regarding this? Of course they are

    French style protests on the street! This country needs civil disobedience now because nothing else is working.

    When will the Irish grow an actual backbone and stop allowing themselves to be guided by fraudulent clowns! The cancer on the body politic

    When will the Irish people finally get some self respect and do something useful lol. pathetic

    1. Rob_G

      Why don’t you go and start such a protest? With the amount of effort you put into your diatribes here, you could have your first protest organised for outside Leinster House in a fraction of the time.

    2. A Person

      You had me, until I read “filth”, “cancer” and “lol”. When are you doing the Junior Cert?

  6. GiggidyGoo

    Establish a new country. Cut it away from Ireland and the UK. At least everyone in the North would have one country they can unite themselves with.

    1. Kolmo

      Loyalists are loud but powerless, violent Unionism stoked by Paisley and others in the 70’s is gone, the British state does not arm them anymore, the DUP/UDA talk a lot of hot air, the shneery arrogance the like of which is not seen anywhere else would be taken down a peg and forced into a more pragmatic and humane world view by having to share power in the Dáil with the rest of us. Unionists are not special, nobody deserves special treatment above anyone else to be convinced that your fellow Irish neighbour is not your enemy, and share power. 50% of my family are In Co.Antrim and are Irish as someone in Cork, Laois or Louth, the oft quoted ambivalence toward the North isn’t as prevalent as we are led to believe, it’s just louder than the quiet realisation by a reasonable majority that a single entity within the world’s largest trading block (EU) is better for everyone in Ireland, it’s just some feel they may suffer an inconvenience of sorts by unification and bleat about the potential but unproven cost, the alternative it to sit and watch the North spiral into further economic decline as the mindless chaos of England’s Brexit tears them a new one, a situation only those who thrive on poisonous pseudo-ethnic horseshit can cause mayhem, a more economically vibrant, all-island economy is a good preventative step to this chaos, it’s an opportunity to shake the whole system up for the better, clear out the very staid ways of thinking and governance on the whole island. It might seem radical, but it isn’t, things have to change.

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