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Do you like French people and/or the French accent? Fancy chatting (in French or English) to a random French person about the French subject of your choice?

Call the French Number.



A foul-mouthed, hand-drawn, multi award-winning satirical animation by Jeanette Bonds, who explains that it was…

…adapted from a conversation overheard in a Santa Monica restaurant in 2011. Four lawyers engage in a bantering dinner conversation that quickly devolves into a grotesque and brutal comedy of cruelty and hypocrisy. This film is not for the faint-hearted.

The animator explains all here.



Here’s what happened when technicians at Cornell Creative Machines Lab took two chatbots (designed to emulate human conversation) and hooked them up to one another.

If you’re attributing personalities to either one, you’re already lost and will be no use to the human resistance when Skynet becomes self aware.

Admittedly, that may take a while yet.



Some say the twins are discussing the Bronx Zoo cobra.

‘Da, da, dada, da, da DAH’

Inescapable logic, either way.


Hang on, is it just us?