College Green, Dublin 2

This evening.

At College Green, Dublin 2, at 5.30pm.

Cycling activists will hold their “final action of the week” after staging die-ins earlier this week and giving the Minister for Transport Shane Ross 40 roses yesterday to symbolise the 40 cyclists who have died on Irish roads during the tenure of the past three ministers — Leo Varadkar, Paschal Donohoe and Mr Ross.


Barry P M tweetz:

And as if we didn’t need more reason for this and other protests… this was the scene outside the Spencer Hotel at 8am this morning. Cyclist hit by a taxi.


At the ‘die-in’ next to Dublin City Hall on Dame Street.

Via I BIKE Dublin

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34 thoughts on “Final Call

  1. theo kretschmar-schuldorff

    Looks like taxi man was doing a U-turn.
    A stretch at his excellency’s pleasure please.

    Kudos to I Bike Dub for this week’s actions.
    Anti-kudos to Dublin City planners & Minister for Stepaside Garda Station.

    1. george

      Probably pulling in to park. Though all a driver has to say is “I didn’t see them” and you get away with it.

    2. Cú Chulainn

      Are they really going to shut down the street that 100% of public transport has to move through at peak rush hour on a Friday..?

  2. Dr.Fart

    when i saw that photo of them all on the ground outside the Dail i thought “absolutely every person there at the very least, broke a red light that day”

      1. Dr.Fart

        it’s a good time for them to take me on. get rid of tubridy and pay me 90k per annum. big savings and way better presenter. by the way, im not sayin because they all break the law regularily and casually they shouldnt be catered for on the roads. im just sayin its ironic. cyclists are the worst law breakers. just go to cross any pedestrian crossing in the city for proof.

          1. Cian

            Rob_G – that link also says that a Transport for London study discovered that 16% of cyclists broke red lights. Or 1-in-six bikes broke red lights.

            I realise that the risk of a bike breaking the light is mush lower than a car – but it is huge.

    1. theo kretschmar-schuldorff

      Absolutely every one of them does not pose a threat to the life of fellow road users.

        1. Rob_G

          That was awful, and your man was a right remorseless d|ck, but that the media circus over that road traffic collision was difficult to comprehend when you compare it coverage surrounding each of the 1,800 people killed by cars in the UK every single year.

          1. NobleLocks

            That’s fine, but to suggest that Cyclists don’t pose a danger to other people is objectively untrue.

            There isn’t a day that goes by while out walking the dog that I don’t have to either give way or hastily avoid an entitled cyclist as they casually cycle on the pavement ignoring every single rule they possibly can while deliberately endangering everyone else. And god forbid you say it to them, the vicious response is appalling! I’m a big bloke so I laugh in their faces and tell them I’m not intimidated by their rancid entitlement but still… it’s amazing how they act.

            Cyclists are an absolute Menace and that’s just on the pavement, on the roads their behaviour is, in the main, beyond redemption. Sure there are exceptions to the rule, but not many.

            And this constant “whataboutmotorists” response we get while ignoring the facts is just disgusting at this stage. The least they could do is own their entitlement and idiocy, but they haven’t even got the balls to do that… is it any wonder why so many people despise them.

            Register them, Tax them, fine them, confiscate their entitlement right out from underneath them. This self-regulation model does not work.

          2. Rob_G

            “That’s fine, but to suggest that Cyclists don’t pose a danger to other people is objectively untrue.”
            This is true. It’s also true that this danger quantifies to an effective rate of 0 deaths to other road users caused by cyclists, per year.

            The rest of your post contains such sweeping generalisations and hyperbole that it is difficult to take seriously; for sure, there are inconsiderate cyclists, but your characterisation of the majority of cyclists as “vicious” is bordering on the hysterical.

            And this constant “whataboutmotorists” response we get while ignoring the facts is just disgusting at this stage.”
            – this post contained zero facts; happy to debate you on any facts that you may post to support your argument.

            “Tax them, fine them… “
            – most cyclists already pay taxes, and cyclists are subject to fines.

        2. george

          Blanket attacks on cyclists are routine online and appear on any thread that makes any mention of bikes like this one. The same doesn’t happen anytime a car or driver is mentioned yet you think cyclists are entitled because they complain. You have perfectly demonstrated entitlement.

      1. george

        Was my post edited? It is not correct. 98% of DRIVERS break the speed limit according to recent figures published by the RSA

  3. Nullzero

    There’s absolutely no problem with improving safety for cyclists but can we also do something about the holier than thou attitude they have where no cyclist has ever done anything wrong?
    We’re all human, so we’re all fallible.

    1. Rob_G

      “We’re all human, so we’re all fallible.”

      – human fallibility among cyclists and pedestrians only ever results in the death of the individual cyclist/pedestrian themselves; whereas in motorists it kills 150-200-ish road users each year.

      1. Cian

        I agree with your overall point – cyclists aren’t killing people each year. But your use of statistics is a bit unfair.

        ” whereas in motorists it kills 150-200-ish road users each year.”
        Wait: how many of the 150-200[1] road-users are the drivers? You should exclude them from your number if you are excluding cyclists that die.

        [1]”[in 2018] of the 142 fatalities, there were 56 Drivers killed, 20 Passengers, 42 Pedestrians, 15 Motorcyclists and 9 Pedal Cyclists.” so there were 86 (non driver) road users killed. Although it is possible that some of the drivers I excluded weren’t the driver that caused the collision.

        1. Rob_G

          You’re right – but I’m not sure that ‘at least 86 other road users killed’ is any less strong an argument that cars should be separated from other road users as much as is possible.

    2. george

      People who are just fed up of being constantly denigrated, endangered, patronised and insulted by people who drive. It happens in the media, in person and on social media. The same people who complain about cyclists on the roads also object to money being spent on separated cycle lanes.

      1. NobleLocks

        “Pedestrians are just fed up of being constantly denigrated, endangered, patronised and insulted by cyclists” – there, I fixed it for you.

        1. spudnick

          As a regular (militant) cyclist, you have my permission to clothesline any twat on a bike on a pavement not accompanying a small child.

          That said, you might want to reconsider your broad hatred of a section of normal road users just because you tussled with a couple of twats on the path a few times. I see cars and vans generally just trying to do a job or getting from A to B rather than actively trying to inconvenience me.

        2. george

          I have never heard or seen a cyclist on the radio, in the papers, or online making nasty comments about pedestrians. All cyclists who can walk are also pedestrians.

  4. Liam Deliverance

    It’s been said many times before but worth repeating, the level of driving from taxi drivers in Dublin is a complete disgrace, they should be ashamed of their carry on but they really don’t give a fupp, the absolute minimum basics of looking in all 3 mirrors from time to time and indicating is too much for them despite how easy it is – there are a few that do drive with care and attention to be fair to them – I beeped at one the other day because he was drifting out of his lane as I passed him, his response was to get as close to me as he could when he later passed me, that’s their attitude

  5. Hansel

    When cyclists pay non-existent tarmac-and-cement tax and wear a particular colour of my choosing, THEN they can go around not being murdered. Until then, they better get out of my way as I operate heavy machinery or I’ll threaten their lives.

    All cyclists are dastardly so-and-so’s inconveniencing me from doing what I want with heavy machinery wherever I want.

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