No Jackets Required


Coats left for the needy last week  on Ha’penny Bridge, Dublin and later removed by Dublin City Council for causing ‘congestion’

Zip It

We ask you to kindly halt
leaving your parkas and jackets
to warm the homeless

for we cannot have tourists
distracted from their whiskey
lattes and Aran jumpers.

They’ll stop taking selfies,
we’ll have nothing left
to post on Lovin’ Dublin.

We have given your coats
to Oxfam for students
to buy, resell, repay their loans.

Your woollen hats and mittens
are a real congestion issue.
People are bumping

into each other like scabies
on a child’s elbow.
If they really want a home,

they’d apply for the HAP
scheme on their iPhones.
Look, we can’t build more shelters

or estates, we just gave 23 million
to a rafting course; kayaking,
water polo. We don’t mind

stags and hens pissing
down Camden’s Place, snorting
coke off Molly Malone’s tits.

At least they’re not setting up
tents like whack-a-moles
outside the church,

making it hard to stomach
our tuna melts. Feeling guilt
when we tuck in

the bathed skin of our children
under plastic moons
and glow in the dark stars.

Molly Twomey

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12 thoughts on “No Jackets Required

  1. dhaughton99

    A load of Italian tourists got a great view of a junkie, squat down and poop out a kinder egg in the middle of the bike lane along the quays outside the IFSC over the weekend. The drugs taken out of the egg and handed over to a female, who then went on to try snatch one of the tourists bags.

  2. scottser

    i could just scribble
    some random oul
    sh1te with no apparent rhyming scheme,

    and uneven meter
    call it poetry.

  3. Attracta Fahy

    Excellent poem – gets to the truth. Everything with this government watch is more important than the homeless.

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