Last night.

“At approximately 6.45pm on Sunday a male Garda (30s) was injured when he was struck by a car while on active patrol dealing with an incident at the Dundrum Town Centre.

“He was taken hospital for treatment and has since been discharged. His injuries are not life threatening. No arrests have been made to date and investigations are ongoing.

“It’s understood Gardaí and security staff were attempting to apprehend the occupant of a car when it fled from the scene at speed colliding with one of the Garda members.”

Garda statement

Footage shows as Garda, 30s, run over and dragged by vehicle before it flees scene in Dundrum, Dublin (The Irish Sun)

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15 thoughts on “Tow Rag

  1. Learphollach

    The Guard “…has since been discharged and injuries are not life threatening”. Wouldn’t like him to be discharged with life threatening injuries.

  2. AssPants

    I didn’t see any individual being “struck” by the vehicle; I see a lot of people pulling at vehicle in which the driver has no intention of stopping. I note one individual appears to keep a grip on the vehicle as it speeds away, thus loosing their grip and falling to the ground as the vehicle progresses.

    Why hype the story to an exagerated level of truth; amplifing the outcome of a scenario to create a chaos atmosphere of society.

    Try reporting the incident in truth and as the facts unfolded without dramatisiation.

    1. scundered

      Have you had your eyes tested lately? The driver had the decision to remain still or else DECIDE to speed off (your own words) over the Garda standing in front, unfortunately he chose the latter so it was completely premeditated. Bad decision.

  3. ReproBertie

    “a male Garda (30s)”
    Are they unsure of his age (we know what an Garda are like with numbers) or telling us he’s 30 and single?

  4. AssPants

    Yeh, I watched again.. granted the footage is rather poor, so easy for the media inflame a situtaion in order to stir social unrest.

    It is not clear to my eyes if the indivudual was standing in front or if they escaped the impact.

    In the meantime, didn’t the Guards DECIDE to endanger themselves by standing in front a lunatic driving a car without any consideration for those around him!

    “The driver had the decision to remain still or else DECIDE to speed off (your own words) ” where exactly did I use these words??????

    Is your sight ok, or are you using digital brail????

  5. Rob_G

    Jesus… the amount of people making light above of the attempted murder of a member of an Garda Síochána (not to mention, someone’s son, partner, etc) – FML…

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