The ‘Punishment Pass’


Last night.

Free the lanes!

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25 thoughts on “The ‘Punishment Pass’

    1. Kevin Carter

      Road Traffic Act 2019.
      It is an offence to overtake a pedal cyclist in a dangerous manner.
      It is an offence to overtake a pedal cyclist in a matter that inconveniences the cyclist.

      Dems the rules.

    2. Barry the Hatchet

      Nah, that’s not okay. The driver should have waited until the cyclist was clear of the stop – it would have been a matter of seconds. To be fair, that’s what most Dublin Bus drivers do in my experience.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Cyclist was back from the bus stop and the bus overtook him, and had time to pull into and stop at the bus stop before the cyclist even reached it.
        The second pass was dangerous mind you. Was there any confrontation, verbal,or hand-signs between the cyclist and the bus driver?

    3. george

      Imagine driving in a car and having a bus overtake you and then stop immediately in front of you at a bus stop instead of waiting a few seconds until you passed it.

    1. SB

      Have you ever actually BEEN on a bike when a 12 tonne vehicle passes you at speed within arm’s reach? With vibration, air displacement and sudden noise? And there’s a drain just ahead of you that you need to suddenly veer to the right to avoid?

      1. Boj

        I’m shaking after imagining all of that. :-)
        Vibration, air displacement and sudden noise…..AAAAAARGH!!!!!!
        Oh and the drain….ARGHHHHHHH….what am I going to do!?!?!?!

        Jeez (it is bad but) it’s not that bad. The bus driver was a slight eejit on the second pass, it was unnecessary. It’s not ‘horrific’ or life threatening though.
        This is only going to get worse isn’t it? People I mean.

        1. SB

          You’re going to end up under the wheels of a bus. Like many a cyclist has over the last few years, especially on Dublin’s quays.

          1. Boj

            Thanks for your kind wishes. Can I suggest if cycling is so traumatic for you, then don’t cycle. Some people aren’t cut out for it as with driving or bungee jumping. Safe home.

  1. me

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too close. Driver needs to hang back till the person on the bicycle has passed by the bus stop.

      1. Bojo

        Such a smart witty original reply and what are the odds someone else came up with it within a minute of yours!!

  2. thepaddyman

    I guess the bus driver should have waited until the cyclist passed the bus stop before turning in.

  3. Bic Miggy

    Yep, seems like a thing; was two across in the bus/cycle lane with my young son, bus driver made a point of just missing me with mirror, twice. Son now knows bus drivers are malicious and can’t be trusted.

  4. Kingfisher

    This kind of pass is worryingly common from what you might call amateur drivers. To see it from a professional in charge of a multi-ton double-decker loaded with up to 70 passengers is horrifying.

  5. jerry_banned_again

    whingy and typical of the cycling social media people

    the bus stopped in front of someone cyling slowly up a hill

    2nd time around the cyclist is in the middle of the bus lane, cycling dangerously as she turns around to try to record video of the oncoming bus that inconvenienced her

    he went around her, maybe a bit on the fast side but he was late for his sausage and chips

    i am a cyclist, nothing really much going on here except the persecution complex of cyclists, and the attention seeking of someone in the cycling community , famous for perennial rage

    1. A Person

      I could not agree more. Every time you get a cyclist posting on here, the Dublin Cycling Community suddenly come out of the woodwork with lots of persecution posts. I cycle, and the sense of entitlement by some cyclists is beyond a joke. Look at the vid of the second pass by the bus, the cyclist actually veers out onto the road. The first stop by the bus was certainly annoying, much like a driver having to wait behind a cyclist to secure a safe pass. In no way was either event life threatening.

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