This evening.

An advertisement spotted on Gumtree for “pod” living in Dublin.

The ad states:

“Welcome to POD Living.

Close to city centre. 12min walk to Spire.

This is ideal accommodation for medium term stays (i.e. 6 – 12 months).

Each pod is secure, safe and self-contained.

Pods come with lockable doors, LED light, memory foam mattresses, personal charge units, TVs, air vents, a personal code lock safe for valuables, mirrors, key cards and much much more!

There are also secure lockers available in each bedroom.

We want guests who are sociable but also respect other people’s privacy. Our guests are from all over the world.

Each room has 2-4 pods and are single sex. i.e. one for boys, one for girls.

There is one bathroom for each pod room. And of course there is a kitchen and chill-out area/sitting room.

Please note: This is not a party house :) Many of our guests are here to study and expect a good nights sleep. We have a zero noise policy after 9pm.

Pods are €125 per week and require a minimum of three months stay.

Bills are €5 per week (electricity, water, WIFI, cleaner, fresh towels).

Please email for further details”


Pod Living in Dublin (Gumtree)

Thanks Carlosfandango

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23 thoughts on “Pod Almighty

    1. Carlosfandango

      From why I understand, there is a loophole in the planning regulations when it comes to what is termed as ‘shared accommodation’ so (and please do correct me if I’m wrong!) there is bigger all that can be done about such greed. A recent conversation with one of these landlords, who is attempting to get onto “the next level” – his own words, enlightened me regarding this loophole. A house, with multiple dwellings within, with shared living space and shared kitchen space falls into this category. So, I’m guessing with the price of property in this old town we will see a lot more properties being turned into these kind of spaces. Makes me both nauseous and sad.


  1. steve white

    photo is of a pod hotel in Hong Kong and a different pod thing on Alibaba a place in Drumcondra and a different place in another ad some joker

    1. The Old Boy

      I was going to ask if anyone recognised the view out of that window, because it looks suspiciously unlike North Inner City Dublin. Fine detective work.

  2. Slightly Bemused

    I am surprised such a thing did not happen before. An import from Japan, if I am correct, and actually could be a good solution for those commuting from afar for weekly work who just really need a bed. These would also be good as a slightly more secure version of hostel accommodation.

    Meaning no disrespect, I wonder if this would suit students, where nothing better was available?

    However, this is also very dehumanising. All you are is an interchangeable piece in the great corporate machine.

  3. V

    Are these not called capsules in Japan

    And short stay / rest facilities
    Not three months minimum

    Oh I dunno
    It’s better that those racks of bunk beds
    If I was the Mammy of a student
    I dunno – feck

    1. Tea And Brexits

      In fairness, people in Japan tend to be on the small size. Unlike the Western millennial salad-dodging tech workers we see blocking the footpaths when they walk in twos… just ain’t gonna work without an Operation Transformation for the Woke.

    2. Janet, I ate my avatar

      it’s not ok to let this become the norm in Dublin, we should be aiming for higher standards, tighter restrictions, proper rental laws, Jesus even the Latin french do this better and we are meant to be Northern European,
      why oh why does our society despise those on a low budget ? x empire hang ups ? why do we validate suffering and ” starting at the bottom”
      housing is a disgrace here, it’s why I couldn’t i. human decency continue a real estate job here

  4. Dhaughton99

    Pod People

    “Generally, pod people are considered to be smaller than normal human beings, but are an alien race living amongst us. They recharge their power cells by returning to their pods, this is something they must do at least once every week. Their task in being sent to Earth is to find small women who they will be able to ‘pod’ with. They then preform unknown mating rituals within the pod, resulting in new pod people, and the conversion of the human woman into a pod person, with her own pod. Characteristics of pod people are: long noses, gambling, short temper, preference for feminine alcoholic drinks, large black desk chairs, small women, and going to the gym. Beware of any person that fits this description, if you are a woman, men are generally safe from ‘podding,’ since the woman pod people are unable to ‘pod’ with human males.”

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