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This evening.

An advertisement spotted on Gumtree for “pod” living in Dublin.

The ad states:

“Welcome to POD Living.

Close to city centre. 12min walk to Spire.

This is ideal accommodation for medium term stays (i.e. 6 – 12 months).

Each pod is secure, safe and self-contained.

Pods come with lockable doors, LED light, memory foam mattresses, personal charge units, TVs, air vents, a personal code lock safe for valuables, mirrors, key cards and much much more!

There are also secure lockers available in each bedroom.

We want guests who are sociable but also respect other people’s privacy. Our guests are from all over the world.

Each room has 2-4 pods and are single sex. i.e. one for boys, one for girls.

There is one bathroom for each pod room. And of course there is a kitchen and chill-out area/sitting room.

Please note: This is not a party house :) Many of our guests are here to study and expect a good nights sleep. We have a zero noise policy after 9pm.

Pods are €125 per week and require a minimum of three months stay.

Bills are €5 per week (electricity, water, WIFI, cleaner, fresh towels).

Please email for further details PodLivingDublin@gmail.com”


Pod Living in Dublin (Gumtree)

Thanks Carlosfandango


Legendary concert promoter John Reynolds, of the POD nightclub, creator of The Electric Picnic and co-founder with Louis Walsh of Boyzone, has died aged 52.


Famed Irish concert promoter and Electric Picnic founder John Reynolds found dead in his apartment (The Irish Sun)


Seeds-prison-pods_Karl-Lenton_dezeen_468_6 Seeds-prison-pods_Karl-Lenton_dezeen_468_8Seeds-prison-pods_Karl-Lenton_dezeen_468_4

Seeds-prison-pods_Karl-Lenton_dezeen_468_2 Seeds-prison-pods_Karl-Lenton_dezeen_468_5

‘SeedS’ designed by Karl Lenton of Burr Lenton Architecture are ‘mobile therapy spaces’ for prison inmates. The egg-like pods (featuring sound dampening, smooth surfaces, no potential ‘ligature points’ and an escape hatch opposite the main door) are modular and can be assembled in 30 minutes.

The Seeds are already being used to provide inmate healthcare at Leeds Prison.


biodegradableburialpod1 biodegradableburialpod2 708ef1de1db24f53bd017d693499c0c6_650xbiodegradableburialpod4 c572bb61aac470e4ccef9ace3a6931c7_650xbiodegradableburialpod6
A burial concept by Italian designers Anna Citelli and Raoul Bretzel.

Egg shaped pods containing the deceased, buried beneath (and subsequently providing a nutrient source for) the tree of their choice. Such interments are illegal in Italy but Citelli and Bretzel are campaigning for a change in the law.

In fairness, if you can get key scenes from Invasion of The Bodysnatchers out of your head, there are worse ways to return to dust.


In the Sunday Times yesterday it was announced that POD closed the doors of Crawdaddy and Tripod over the weekend.

The 24,000 sq.ft Harcourt Street complex is being let to the consortium of people behind Flannery’s Pub and it was suggested that the POD complex would become a large nightclub to compete with nearby Copper Face Jack’s. The Odeon Bar beside POD has also closed down.

Tripod, Crawdaddy and The Lower Deck venues close (Nialler9)

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