And This Is How Rural Broadband Will Look




Derek writes:

Leo’s video….a direct cog of Boris Johnson’s one

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12 thoughts on “And This Is How Rural Broadband Will Look

  1. paul

    Leo rips off the WIRED autocomplete videos but can’t even manage to be lit properly. Probably didn’t want the wrinkles picked up by the camera.

    Boris does a worse job, he looks like a biological sample from a textbook lit from above and behind.

  2. :-Joe

    Rogue(unprincipled, deceitful and unreliable), greedy, narcissitic, opportunistic, contemptuous, weak-minded, spineless middle managers for neo-liberal economic and failed pseudo-capatilist ideology.

    All for the benefit of anonymous, unaccountable private global corporate financial and shareholder interests… funnelling the world’s and your future prosperity away to off-shore accounts already swelling to the brim with bilions of previously ill-gotten gains from stolen public wealth.

    If you were an alien extra terrestial tuning in, It looks like and may as well be that our head of state is actually in fact most likely working for gurgle…

    If he was working for, let alone even consciously interested in the good of the public, he would be recommending using https://www.duckduckgo for searching answers to questions on the internet.

    Duck duck go ! Gives you privacy focused organic search results through a process and system that attempts to protect your identity, data and human rights without giving you biased, manipulated results that are designed to abuse your personal / human rights and data for the benefit of only selling you products and making profits.

    A society run with politics solely based in a private, corporate owned and run business profit motive and model is not in any way a good system for any form of humanity to live in.

    F-f/g ‘s Oirland and vision for the future and society..
    – Is to be a cheap sell-out. Selling it all off at any convenient offer, at any price and at any time.
    -While giving prostitutes a bad name in the process. Shameless.


    1. Paulus

      Your second-last paragraph could/should be reworked into a golden rule: But of course we know that the Golden Rule is; He who has the gold makes the rules.

      1. :-Joe

        Hmmm… in fairness the last paragraph / points are factually correct as history and the official public records can verivy as obvious with numerous examples every year.

        Ye sure, money and wealth is a powerful tool but it’s not the be all and end all.. Information is the true source of real power.

        However, if fiat(debt) currency means so much to you and you know it’s been stolen from you and it’s rightfully yours then just take it back and by any means necessary. If the system fails you then forcefully is always an option or even plan a robbery or heist if the odds are completely against you. Just be creative with whatever suits you.

        All institutions are built on and can only stay standing from the public conscience and what it’s collective belief is in and of them. No amount of money can keep everyone permanantly deluded without change.
        -Even though, for the past century at least, it seems 60%-ish of Irish voters are still all-in on self-immolation at the ballot box.

        Individuals, who are engaged with reality, making educated choices and decisions even if selfishly and only on their own terms, always have a lot more power to wield than more often than not they realise.

        Anyway in summary, at least don’t be another eejit knowingly giving in and therfore, just not being useful while doing nothing and making the problems worse… – I’ve plenty of experience doing that.

        Bonus Election Tip: Help to de-program 5-10 or more people you know in the 60%-ish brainwashed F-f/g voting majority. Help make the F-f/g duopoly shrink and force them to officially become the one party they already are and always have been. It will lead to more proportional representation and a fairer and more just society no matter who is in charge in this deluded eejit driven, populist, one leader, one duopoly party takes all political system.

        (BTW – Paulus, from reading many of your previous comments I know you’re one of the many, more sensible type of people on here, so far anyway :P )


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