The tool machine toting ‘tea leaf’ is seen wearing a distinctive bobble hat and what appear to be spectacles.

Stop that.

This afternoon.

Sir John Rogerson’s Quay, Dublin Docklands, Dublin 2.


Do you know him?

Tell him he’s a real jerk.

Thanks Nat King Coleslaw

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20 thoughts on “Grinder

  1. postmanpat

    Watch his friend take two bikes away. record him stealing a third instead of stopping him. sorry. “His friend had already taken 2 bikes up over sam Beckett bridge” the same sam beckett bridge that grants magic superpowers to whomever walks over it with two bikes? that bridge? In that case, you did the right thing. I’m sure the owner of that third bike is grateful for your bravery.

    1. Tarfton Clax

      You want him to go up against a hyper scobe and his two mates to save a bike that isn’t his? Would you?

  2. Matt Fitzpatrick

    Saw these lads riding away on the bikes, one of them holding a second bike by the handlebars heading in the Sherriff St direction. Thought they looked too nice for the cut of the lads on them.

  3. Ringsend Incinerator

    Typical snowflake stasi callout culture from the Silicon Docks. More power to the distribution of wealth to the Northside.

  4. topsy

    Ye, ‘rang the police’ & filmed. A shout out might have moved him along. But you we too busy getting a good story for twitter. Jebus wept. Don’t know who’s the bigger tosser.

  5. broadbag

    Did you not even let a roar at him, most likely would have scared him off, 3 bikes fpps!

  6. Niamh

    That is terrible and frightening re threatened with angle grinder but yes, like many of you, my first thought is My How Hip He Looks. Like Eskimo Supreme.

  7. Christopher

    The problem here is that if you called the police they would never get there in time to stop him so he just does it with impunity. I’m a cyclist myself and have a poo bike purely so that it’s not a target for bottom feeders like this.

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