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The tool machine toting ‘tea leaf’ is seen wearing a distinctive bobble hat and what appear to be spectacles.

Stop that.

This afternoon.

Sir John Rogerson’s Quay, Dublin Docklands, Dublin 2.


Do you know him?

Tell him he’s a real jerk.

Thanks Nat King Coleslaw


The controversial pre-Xmas Garda weed haul (top) and bare faced cheek (above)

Richard Creedon writes:

Just before Christmas day, An Garda Siochana put up this picture (above) of a small bag of cannabis and a cannabis grinder on their official page. This is to do with Operation Thor [anti-burglary crackdown] as far as I can tell.

Currently, the picture has been liked thousands of times with numerous comments [ridiculing the haul] having 1000+ likes and some comments have 4000+ likes. It has also been shared by The LadBible which has a reach of 11 million and has currently been shared over 4000 times by them. Even the Rubber Bandits have gotten involved in the comment section.

It looks like a major backlash against the guards by the youth of Ireland for arresting users of small amounts of cannabis…


Cannabis find, Operation Thor (Facebook)