Meanwhile, In Wuhan


This afternoon.

Channel 4 News writez:

Connor Reed, a British man who works at a school in Wuhan, explains how it felt to have the Covid-19 coronavirus, discusses what life is like after 40 days in lockdown and how he thinks people in the UK would cope in similar circumstances.

Channel 4 News

Last night: ‘Paul’ Has The Coronavirus

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3 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Wuhan

  1. Slightly Bemused

    That was a good interview, filled with some silliness. I actually think these types of interviews, like ‘Paul’s’ the other day, help show that while this is new, in so many ways, our bodies and our medical people are incredible at keeping us alive. Thank you Connor and Paul for sharing this.

    I was once told when you have a flu versus the cold, the test is to have someone put a €50 note on the floor next to you just out of reach. If you feel any desire to get up and pick it up, it is just a cold. If you don’t even notice, you just might have man flu!

    I suppose my biggest problem is that as it is clear that Connor could not see his interviewer, he has those weird reactions I know from oh so many webcam conferences, and the still makes him look like a crazy lunatic. Admittedly, after 40 days I would probably look like a crazy lunatic.

    Actually, make that one day!

    (P.S. the tip for not looking crazy too much, is focus on the camera as if it is the face of who you are talking to. But do not get fixated: that looks even weirder)

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