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Wuhan Maya Beach Water Park, Wuhan province, China at the weekend

Currently, the water park receives an average of 15,000 daily visitors during weekends, and is offering half-price discounts to some visitors, Hubei Daily reported.

The novel coronavirus was first detected in Wuhan in December last year. As the original epicenter of the outbreak,

May you live in interesting times.



Wuhan hosts massive water park party as coronavirus concerns recede (CNN)

Pics: Hubei Daily

This afternoon.

Channel 4 News writez:

Connor Reed, a British man who works at a school in Wuhan, explains how it felt to have the Covid-19 coronavirus, discusses what life is like after 40 days in lockdown and how he thinks people in the UK would cope in similar circumstances.

Channel 4 News

Last night: ‘Paul’ Has The Coronavirus

This afternoon.

Channel 4 writez:

Ben Kavanagh, [from Kildare] the Irish teacher quarantined in Wuhan, gives an update on his evacuation plans, shows us around his flat – and enjoys a game of football over breakfast.


The Irish Sun reports:

“A Dublin hospital may have a case of the coronavirus, a doctor has told the High Court.

“High Court president Mr Justice Peter Kelly was told by a doctor during a hearing that he had just received a text to say that a Dublin hospital, arising from a patient having attended its accident and emergency department, “potentially” has a case of the virus.”

Dublin hospital may have case of coronavirus, doctor tells High Court (Aodhan O Faolain, The Irish Sun)

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