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This afternoon.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the public face of the US government’s response to the rona, has released his emails and correspondence at the request of The Washington Post.

The package contains communications from March and April 2020.

Included is an email (top) from Dr Fauci saying masks are ineffective as the virus “is small enough to pass through the material”.

Another (middle) from scientist Kristian Anderson tells Dr Fauci that SARS-CoV-2 has “unusual features” that “potentially look engineered”. Dr Fauci has defended the natural-origin theory since the beginning of the pandemic.


Also in the email cache.

Virologist Adam Gaertner (above) claims to know the process of ‘how the virus was created’ and includes ingredients, such as ‘HIV’, along with a recipe.

But could a bat prepare all that?

In a cave?

Something the experts might ponder in the days ahead.

Anthony Fauci’s Emails Reveal The Pressure That Fell On One Man (Buzzfeed)




Wuhan Institute of Virology

This afternoon.

About a month before COVID-19 was first reported in Wuhan, China, foreign government contacts told US State Department officials that several workers at the Wuhan Institute of Virology fell ill in mid-November 2019.

The US State Department acknowledged in January 2021 that the…

“…United States government has reason to believe that several researchers inside the WIV became sick in autumn 2019.”

It found that they’d experienced symptoms consistent with both COVID-19 “and common seasonal illness.”

Yesterday the Wall Street Journal, went further said these workers required hospital care  lending further weight to the theory that the coronavirus leaked from a laboratory.


China denies WSJ story on three researchers falling sick at Wuhan lab before confirmed Covid-19 outbreak (India Today)

Intelligence on Sick Staff at Wuhan Lab Fuels Debate on Covid-19 Origin (Wall Street Journal)


Orange Man Bad told you so.

Would you listen?



An exchange between Republican Senator Rand Paul and chief medical advisor to the American President Dr. Anthony Fauci (top) at a US Senate health committee hearing

The pair clashed over whether funding from the National Institutes of Health was used for “gain-of-function” research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

The institute, located just miles from the market where the first COVID-19 outbreak was detected, previously received funding from Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

Questions remain about the origins of the coronavirus and the ‘lab leak hypothesis’ – that the virus resulted from experiments in the Wuhan lab that ‘accidentally spilled over’.

Fauci and Rand Paul clash over NIH funding for Wuhan Institute of Virology (Axios)


Wuhan Maya Beach Water Park, Wuhan province, China at the weekend

Currently, the water park receives an average of 15,000 daily visitors during weekends, and is offering half-price discounts to some visitors, Hubei Daily reported.

The novel coronavirus was first detected in Wuhan in December last year. As the original epicenter of the outbreak,

May you live in interesting times.



Wuhan hosts massive water park party as coronavirus concerns recede (CNN)

Pics: Hubei Daily

This afternoon.

Channel 4 News writez:

Connor Reed, a British man who works at a school in Wuhan, explains how it felt to have the Covid-19 coronavirus, discusses what life is like after 40 days in lockdown and how he thinks people in the UK would cope in similar circumstances.

Channel 4 News

Last night: ‘Paul’ Has The Coronavirus

This afternoon.

Channel 4 writez:

Ben Kavanagh, [from Kildare] the Irish teacher quarantined in Wuhan, gives an update on his evacuation plans, shows us around his flat – and enjoys a game of football over breakfast.


The Irish Sun reports:

“A Dublin hospital may have a case of the coronavirus, a doctor has told the High Court.

“High Court president Mr Justice Peter Kelly was told by a doctor during a hearing that he had just received a text to say that a Dublin hospital, arising from a patient having attended its accident and emergency department, “potentially” has a case of the virus.”

Dublin hospital may have case of coronavirus, doctor tells High Court (Aodhan O Faolain, The Irish Sun)

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