Give It Up For Bob


Musician and singer Bob Glynn

Alexis Cronin (brother of the ‘sheet‘s Olga), writez:

My wife [Evanna Lyons] and I were out for a few drinks in Dublin city last week when we came across Bob Glynn.

He’s a musician who was busking and who has truly amazing vocals.

He got chatting to us as Evanna and I enjoyed his session so much. In the end, we had a pint together and he told us he gives away the money he gets from busking to homeless people in Dublin and buys pastries for heroin addicts.

He was such a genuine guy and a refreshing story for Broadsheet in the midst of Corona-gate.

He also gave me the idea to make a guitar out of recycled plastic. I am hoping to have it ready for him by end of this month.


Bob Glynn

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4 thoughts on “Give It Up For Bob

  1. Johnny Keenan

    Fair play Alexis.
    You and Evanna are doing great work at Dunia Designs. Very inspiring.

    I look forward to seeing your plastic guitar for Bob and hearing him play it.

  2. Ellen neary

    Amazing Bob, that’s just brilliant what you are doing. We need more people like you.

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