Cometh The Hour


This afternoon.

The HSE writes:

We are asking all healthcare professionals from all disciplines who are not already working in the public health service to register to be on call for Ireland.

We will be creating extra hospital and care beds and will need extra hands to provide the care that’s needed. We need your help to meet the challenge that’s ahead.

Maybe you aren’t a healthcare professional, maybe you’re studying to be one, or maybe you have other skills to offer or just want to volunteer to do your bit if needed.

Hopefully we won’t need to call, and if we do, we may not need every one of you. But knowing you are there if we do will make all the difference.

To get more information about being on call for Ireland, go to our sign-up page. You can read more about the people we need, how this will work, and fill in the enquiry form.

We’ll ask you to give us details of your registration, experience or skills.

Be On Call For Ireland (HSE)

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7 thoughts on “Cometh The Hour

  1. Slightly Bemused

    Thanks for this, Bodger. I have signed up. If they get in touch I will let you know. Could be an interesting journey

    1. Slightly Bemused

      I missed the significance of this. On the National Day to do a natioal call for help. Good timing, HSE :)

  2. 01101101 01100011

    a very good move imo

    I regret to report this but my own mam turns out is a possible candidate and is now in the queue to be tested. She is a community worker (non-medical) in the North Kildare area close to Dublin.

    She says she started feeling off around lunchtime yesterday with some typical flu symptoms coming on, half serious/half jokingly she self isolated. Lemsip/paracetamol etc. Got a nights sleep but this morning couldn’t get out of bed. Headache, very sore throat, cough, sore eyes and says her chest feels like there’s a ton of bricks sitting on it. My mam is hard as nails, I’ve never really seen her with anything more that a bit of a sniff or cough that I can remember.

    We followed the procedure but kinda failed already at step 1 (phone the GP) two of us tried for 3 hours but neither of us got a ringtone once (I’m sure it was getting hammered) so my older bro drove down to the surgery where the GP fair play had a homemade queue at the door system, receptionist hands you a notepad n pen you write down the contact details + symptoms and place into the letterbox.

    She got a call an hour later from the GP and had the consultation and unfortunately got a confirmation to the next stage – she is to stay put and be called now by the HSE to arrange the test. Still waiting for the callback.

    Note 1. if you’re not having luck on the phone check the GP surgery physically if you can, they are being overwhelmed and might have a clever postbox system like our lad did

    Note 2. she is a bit warm but doesn’t have a raging temperature BUT that according to GP may not necessarily show up for a couple of days AFTER some of the other symptoms…she was under the misapprehension that it was ONLY if you had the high temperature that you had to start making phone calls.

    I will document as we go, I’m thinking so people get a sense of the procedure might be helpful, she gave me the ok to do this

    1. Cian

      Sorry to hear aboit your mam.

      FYI Lemsip/paracetamol will reduce a temperature so can mask one of the symptoms.

    2. Slightly Bemused

      Sorry to hear about your mother, mc. I do hope she recovers well!

      You all should also watch your symptoms just in case.

      I am not a doctor, but I would recommend you all make a sheet for each of you, and every few hours mark down any symptoms, including temperature. If you do not have a thermometer, have another family member check if they feel you are cool, normal or hot. Back of the hand on forehead is a good way to check. Wash hands after, before also if you have not done so in 30 minutes (sorry, old training being restudied :-) )

      Any note you have will help the professionals when they come. If they come to test your mother, they may ask about you all, so having this ready will really help them.

      Normal checks are every 3 hours, or if you have a spike. Be careful about over doing the Lemsip/paracetamol. And for any Americans watching, acetaminophen (or Tylenol) is the same as paracetamol. Just a different name.

    3. 01101101 01100011

      thanks lads

      luckily my da’s a diyer and only last year rearranged their bedroom so they’ve an ensuite plus there’s a telly all wifi’d up thanks to yours truly which makes it a wee bit easier to achieve the isolation bit I guess for her

      food and drink delivered to the bedroom door only

      and until further notice, real important detail forgot sorry, those of us in the house regularly (which includes myself now as I only went back over the weekend) have to stay put until further notice if at all possible

      none of the rest of us have so much as a sniffle so far, the bleach is flyin’ in the house door handles, remotes etc.

      still no HSE call, the GP chat was at 12.45

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