Spotted at an undisclosed location in Belfast.


Via Barry Sheppard

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9 thoughts on “‘Bout Ye?

    1. millie aka oprah


      I accidentally wrote ‘mammys’ instead of mammies in a text last week and I can’t hide how disgusted I was with myself.

  1. V

    Might as well paste this direct from my twitter here – considering the geographical bias of the thread n’ all
    @vanessa_foran btw

    Looking at #COVID19ireland numbers up to teatime

    ROI 22 deaths : 2121 Cases or 1.04%
    NI 10 deaths : 241 Cases or 4.15%

    Simplistic I know, also testing and treating under two different health regimes
    But still
    4 times more dead

    As Nordies would say
    “catch yerselves on”

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