Stepping Out



A fox recently spotted standing on the steps of Ha’Penny Bridge in Dublin.

Deirdre Staunton tweetz:

What a beauty! She promised gardaí she was 2km from home and was heading that way shortly.

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Goat Your Back

13 thoughts on “Stepping Out

  1. Rob_G

    It’s mad to think how quickly nature will take everything over again once society collapses altogether.

    1. Brother Barnabas

      climbed over the gate into the iveagh gardens one night – must have been a dozen on them prancing around

      have also seen them in trinity and also in garden in front of chester beatty

      they’re all over the city

      1. V

        ah listen

        had a clan of them here in the back garden for years, once the vixen had a cub, they moved on and left the cub
        who seemed to have come to an understanding with the dog

        then the summer before last, the neighbours cut down the hedge – which was a shame tbh – a good 2.5 meters high and at least a m in depth that must have been thriving for 50 years at least, so over the last two winters there’s been a pair in the front hedge. You could see their eyes flashing out at you when parking the car

        And then, fecking break my heart in the mornings when the bins have been gone through, feckers never flipping the lid back down(︶^︶)

        There has to be 1000s of them in Crumlin alone
        They’re fabulous in fairness

        1. scottser

          if you ever have occasion to be up at the goat grill some night, take a wander into the back car park with a torch and shine in to the field beside it. you’ll see hundreds of pairs of eyes twinkling back at you. it’s very cool.

  2. :-Joe

    On guard duty, introduced to coral or cull the out of control demented and starving seagull population….

    Bears are due to be released next for the rest of us…


  3. Some old queen

    If you eat meat then where possible just leave out scraps- stick a motion cam on it if you want- nature does not waste.

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