The Scissors of Shame


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Speaking to RTÉ’s Today with Sean O’Rourke programme, Danielle Kennedy said hairdressers are being offered up to €200 for a haircut from clients, compared to the regular price of €40-€50 before Covid-19.

She said the black market has “erupted” since the Government’s announcement that salons will not reopen until the 20 July.

“It erupted even further since the announcement that we aren’t going to open until the 20th July. People just aren’t prepared to wait that long for a haircut.

“Roughly €150 to €200 for a haircut compared to €40 to €50, so three and four times the normal price to get it done.

“It’s putting salons under an awful lot of pressure because there is a fear that the owners are going to crumble and will just try and look after their clients.”

Black market in haircuts has ‘erupted’ under lockdown (RTÉ)


14 thoughts on “The Scissors of Shame

    1. Rosette of Sirius

      I may be splitting hairs here but it sounds like close shave for some but, in all honesty, doesn’t wash with me….
      (dat a threef’hair?)

    2. Matt Pilates

      We could have a permanent wave of this is the money’s that good. It will probably fade though.

  1. SOQ

    In defence of hairdressers- its not like they can just slot another client into the chair, they have to travel to someone’s home and back again- all round taking three times as long.

    Pretty sure some are already operating from the kitchen or the shed or wherever now mind. Most of those will never return to a salon because they’ll have a new client base built up- cash in hand so tax free- all round more profitable.

    1. Clampers Outside

      And 350/week from the govt on top of it…

      Who can blame ’em.

      That last bit is sarc, in fairness :)

  2. guns and drums and drums and guns harooo

    All the smart ballsy guys are getting into hairdressing now

  3. Rob_G

    Who in the name of jaysus would bother paying a 400% premium for a haircut when literally no-one will see them for several weeks?

    Bang of ‘according to unnamed sources’ off of this story.

    1. Andrew

      Ah Hair!
      Agreed Rob. I don’t get it. If you can’t really go out, who is going to see you? Hairdressers doing a bit of sneaky lobbying and who can blame them I suppose? Giving the hair a break from colours,blow drying etc. may not be a bad thing either.
      I shaved my head when this all started. I might keep that way now.

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