Mask Not What Your Country Can Do For You


Kildare Designer Fionnuala Bourke and her range of masks

Aileen Gaskin writes:

Kildare native, Fionnuala Bourke, better known for designing costumes for international dancers, pole dancers and WWE stars, has turned her hand to designing face masks alongside her father, a fire engineer, and a team of sewers.

Three weeks ago the father and daughter designed a unique style of mask, with adjustable straps, after Fionnuala decided that she could help people in her area and turn her design studio into a mask making factory.

In the last three weeks, over 2,000 euro has been donated to Fionnuala’s GoFundMe page.

To date, they have made roughly 1,000 masks in four different washable styles. All of the non-medical masks are currently being donated all over the country by a team of volunteers.

Fionnuala has filmed a sewing tutorial  to anyone who wants to sew their own masks. See @fibourkedesign.

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4 thoughts on “Mask Not What Your Country Can Do For You

  1. Dr.Fart

    all these different types of mask look great and all, but they’re of little use. N95s are more or less the only ones of use for this virus.

  2. SOQ

    Under no circumstances will I be wearing a cloth mask- there is absolutely no scientific reason for doing so.

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