The Distance Between Us


From top: Steward’s Lodge, Phoenix Park; distance between Carpenterstown and The Wellington Monument Taoiseach Leo Varadkar (right) and friends at the Monument last Sunday;

This morning.


On May 13, on ‘The Dermot and Dave Show’ on Today FM, the Taoiseach was asked if he was working from home and he replied: “It’s a bit of a combination, so I’m set up half in the office, half at home.”

He was then asked what the room he is working in is like to which he said: “No, no actually I’ve use of a house on the grounds of Farmleigh.”

However, when one of the hosts said this sounded “very salubrious”, Mr Varadkar said: “I’m still in my flat in Carpenterstown, though.”

The Taoiseach added there was “stuff ” in the State-owned lodge that he doesn’t have at home.

A statement issued by the Taoiseach’s Office when photos of Mr Varadkar in the park emerged said: “The Taoiseach has been in Steward’s Lodge during the last few weeks as it has secure office and videoconferencing facilities, which allows him to work from home.”

The response followed suggestions Mr Varadkar may have breached social-distancing rules by meeting his friends by the Wellington Monument in the Phoenix Park.

The Taoiseach’s apartment in his Dublin West constituency is almost 8km from the monument.

Varadkar said two weeks ago that State lodge ‘only for work’ (

Yesterday: Picnicked

Monday: Sunday In The Park With Leo

Wikimedia/Google Maps/Twitter


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66 thoughts on “The Distance Between Us

  1. Fintan Frobisher

    Only one reply ?
    Stick Cummings in the title and that’ll set the meerkats chattering …

    1. barney castle

      so now that you’ve left the EU, how does it feel to be free from the influence of unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats?

        1. barney castle

          you’ll always be a tan to us, seonín – addresses change, but accents last forever.

          1. Fintan Frobisher

            It’s Tan.
            A tan is what you get when you picnic with friends in the park.

  2. Chummley

    I thought you had to live in your primary residence
    Lock down is just that
    And we go on about cummins

  3. Kate

    When an MP got his missus to take penalty points he got sacked, charged, jailed for 6 months. His wife convicted of perverting the course of justice.
    Here , when a garda sergeant exposes repeated similar offences, a malicious, criminal file is created in Tulsa, aided and abetted by the most senior garda in the land and no further action. You would have had jail sentences of at least 10 years for that in the UK. Leo can go where he likes, when he likes, it’s the accepted “system”.

  4. george

    It is more than 5km but the distance is calculated in a straight line not along roads.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Its ‘as the crow flies’.

      And it just so happens that Zappones mileage expenses should also be based ‘as the crow flies’, not the longest route she could find. Even the shortest route by road would have kept her expenses honest. €20k+ extra income courtesy of changing a travel route. (a lot more than an equivalent covid 19 emergency payment bu the way )

  5. GiggidyGoo

    It never takes too long for Leo’s lies to surface.

    The Phoenix Park story is hitting the international press, yet has been more or less ignored by the press here. Apart from the twitterati journalists who are apologists for the Leo lad. (Isn’t that’s correct, Colette Brown?)

  6. GiggidyGoo

    What’s the problem with Varadkar using his office in the Dail? It has everything he’d need. As Taoise he’d be entitled to go there, as it’s his place of work. Why Farmleigh?

  7. Gay Fawkes

    What nobody has pointed out is that the Taoiseach’s people said he observed the 5km rule when he didn’t. A quick look on Google Maps shows that the distance between Stewards Lodge and the Wellington Monument is 5.8km.

    1. Cian

      1. Were they? Any evidence – or are you mud-slinging again?
      2. How is a link to Fingal by-laws relevant?


        1. Cian

          So that is a no to alcohol.
          And you have no idea where the Phoenix Park or Fungal are.

          1. GiggidyGoo

            Reports on various sites that he and his mates brought cans. (Cans = slang for alcohol drink containes when parties or picnics occur between a group of grown men)

            You do know that part of the Phoenix Park is in Fingal? Don’t you?

          2. SOQ

            Meanwhile- old people pass up the pathway because of ageism- anyone want to measure how far away from this occurrence the preventable were/are?

            Didn’t think so.

          3. Cian

            The first I heard of alleged alcohol is from you. But if there are reports on various sites about cans – then it must be true.

            Is the part of the Phoenix Park in question (beside the Wellington Monument) in Co Fingal?

  8. SOQ

    Convenient how this happened just before the nursing home inquiry started eh?

    He was 20 cm inside his social distancing rule and half a metre outside his permitted travel zone- shocking.

  9. Orla

    The likes of Colette Brown and her fellow blue ticks defending Leo while obsessing over Dominic Cummings is a cringe fest at this point, Colette and here fellow blue ticks don’t get that trump and the likes of Boris getting elected is a protest vote against the delusional narcissism of the elite ruling class types, yes it’s a misguided protest vote when both trump and Boris are part of said “swamp” but it’s clear people are fed up with all of them.
    The like of Colette and O’Toole still believe the conspiracy theory that Russia got these guys elected via Facebook, sure Russia and Facebook were involved but it’s not the sole reason nor massively influential, brexit is also a protest vote, the myth of most of these voters being uneducated is just that, a myth.

    Banks are being bailed out to the tune of trillions, losses socialized again courtesy of the tax payer but when the tax payer loses their job and possibly their home no bailout, capitalism for the tax payer ,socialism for the elite, could Colette do her job and cover these issues in depth perhaps instead of “curtain twitching” the British.

    Claire Byrne will do a show with demos about how measurements taken on google maps are a sort of fake news because they don’t count how hills increase distance ,Commodus Leo doesn’t walk like the peasants you see, he floats.

    It’s great to see the social distancing of the media when hounding Dominic Cummings isn’t it?
    It’s a circus full of clowns for now ,soon the financial lions and tigers will arrive to buy up your homes.

      1. Orla

        It’s a metaphorical creature ,insect like and blue in color that roams the internet realm biting people when they dare see without the lens of media hysteria.
        Once bitten more fellow blue ticks are attracted to you in a frenzy of biting that leaves you feeling shamed and ostracized from the cult.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      And that’s the truth of it. There are quite a few, a majority I’d think, people writing in newspapers being described as ‘Journalists’ when they’re far from it. One of the reasons why sales have plummeted.

      1. A Person

        So now that Leo is completely discredited, when are you shinners going to form a govt? Btw Goo, where do you work – you seem to spend your whole time on here commenting on everything (sorry on everything re so-called FFG). Just commenting, can’t answer a question of course. Go on grow a pair – form a govt.

        1. GiggidyGoo

          Ah – my personal stalker returns.

          Back to beddy byes there A-Thingy.

          But before you go, maybe ask your mateys in FFG why they can’t form a government. It’s almost 4 months now, and they have said that they want to form a government – but still no sign of one.

          1. A Person

            Beddy byes and LOL – seriously what credibility do you have with such comments. Go on answer the question when are you going to form a govt instead of hurling from the ditch.

            Btw I never stalked you, just cannot stand your biased opinions about everything without answering a question other than beddy byes… ffs.

          2. GiggidyGoo

            There there there. Have a good nights sleep. It’ll be better in the morning.
            Nightly night A Person(al)Stalker.

          3. Johnny

            Sinn Fein formed the Irish republics first and so far only legitimate govt in 1918,each vichy quisling one since has been illegmitame and now it looks like history is repeating itself…..

          4. A Person

            Oh go on, answer a question. I dare you. Scary that I described you as a stalker and then you are back with the same accusations – I think its called a parrot.. Go on uncle, what do you work at? When are you going to form a govt?

          5. Johnny

            Right now I’m trying get an old mill converted into a grow house using hydro power from a old station, also picked up a contact to design and build a commercial grade kitchen for extracts/baking as restaurant equipment is 30 cents on the dollar.

            Mary Lou hasn’t been in states for a while, she skipped the Paddys Day NY/DC events this year over Covid-but next time I see her I can ask for you ok:)

            Word in NY is they going sit this out as its a hospital pass from FG given the shambles they have left the economy and society in, you break it you fix it and all that…

            Giddy is one the good guys on here-I’m way more of a knob end…

          6. A Person

            Johnny, not sure where you came out of. Seriously, Sinn Fein from 1918 is the same as the current shinners? Given me a break. Even Goo can’t understand the difference between Dev of the 50’s and the shinners from the north. Where are they btw, why are they not trying to form a govt? Go on, answer a question.

          7. Johnny

            -me neither to be honest,I watched a Canadian TV doc about nurses mixing up babies and often believed something similar had happened at Mount Carmel!

            -cmon man its a nice sunny day,Giddy is a regular and all round nice guy.

            -modern day SF is every bit as committed to a united Ireland as their forefathers from 1916-well 1905 to be historically accurate.

            -the northies aren’t even liked by the south SF crowd- always lots hassle and tension including them not believing Mary Lou ‘volunteered’ – she’s in a no win situation too republican for the southerns and not nationalistic enough for the northerners -caught between a rock and a hard place.

            -SF in govt-if they smart they take a knee and sit this out, who wants try sort out the social and economic mess FG/FF has created..

            -FG/FG will destroy whoever joins them, looks like The Greens have already peaked and internal fighting will consign them once again to the scrap heap of irish politics.

            -I don’t see a path to SF forming a govt-do you ?

          8. GiggidyGoo

            Ah. I get it now. The crèches are closed. A Person(al) Stalker has nowhere to go.

    2. V'ness

      Ah now c’mon Orla

      you’re assuming that the Blueticked Mainstreaked Media here are occupied in criticism, querying and exposing Political leaders, and Public Policies
      Holding them up to account like

      That’s not their function at all
      at all

      Their job is to repeat what they’re told
      or provided with
      and what their respective employers are paid to host
      Troupers to the cause
      so they are

      And Boris’ Cummings and goings is the focus of all their efforts now, as per their worksheets and directions
      Since the two Downing Street boyos aren’t not part of the EU cartel anymore, they’re fair game

      and Leo looks good in shorts
      and can carry off the knicker elastic look better than most of us

      That’s what you’re supposed to be talking about

      And how well Claire Byrne looks

      So come on, do your part girl, aren’t we all in this together ffs

      you should see my hair, nails and other bits – Humanity has been crossed
      But I’m happy to sacrifice myself and suffer – like the Patriot I am
      So why can’t you

  10. goldenbrown

    tell ye what I think

    I think this almost he-said-she-said level nonsense over some small detail regarding Varadker’s daily life is a distraction exercise…this is utter look at the birdys, look at the birdys! stuff

    see how we’re all wound up by this when what we should be busily asking are questions around how we ended up with the numbers of dead people we have, and our future prospects….y’know that future involving the Hot Potato that is mass unemployment, dysfunctional property market and healthcare, the Everest of debt (and I 110% guarantee if FG+Pascal Donohoe are involved the forthcoming Austerity programme needed to get a grip on it) we will have to service now as a result of this disaster???

  11. Joe Small

    Wow, there are some angry twisted people out there. Can’t believe Bodger stopped supporting Gemma.

      1. SOQ

        Cop on Gigs- he set it up. Just look at the story it shifted off social media?

        Old people in nursing homes dying a lonely death because nobody cared enough to protect them.

        1. GiggidyGoo

          I know he set it up. It’s the typical diversionary tactic that Concannon is noted for.

  12. Matt Pilates

    What kind of person takes a sneaky shot of our Leo?

    Beeper Bike – Check
    Aldi Bag – Check
    WeWork Pass – Check
    Working Visa – Check

    Way too easy….

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