The Snugs Don’t Work





This afternoon.

Fade Street, Dublin 2.

RTÉ’s Will Goodbody tweetz:

Previously open plan, this is what the radical alterations made by the Market Bar in Dublin to enable it to reopen today look like. Individual booths for all customer groups. Capacity has more or less halved as a result, but it still needs the same number of staff.

Market Bar


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12 thoughts on “The Snugs Don’t Work

    1. dhod

      I would imagine it has improved the echoiness. impressive building but too vast for a boozer. Would make a nice market Halle Amsterdam style food hall

  1. Junkface

    That place normally sounds like a Turkey warehouse. “Gobble-gobble-Gobble-GOBBLE!”

    1. Help

      Now will be like a grave yard

      As a restauranteur

      Better not to open than endure this
      This picture says a thousand words

      1. Pee Pee

        Haven’t been in there that often when it is packed to the rafters. Mostly daytime drinking.

  2. Gabby

    J’aime la nouvelle tête à tête . Meaningful intimate personal conversations and all that stuff in the movies.

  3. Zaccone

    I can’t see pubs surviving like this. The whole point of going to pubs for most young people is to meet other people outside your friend group. If you’re boxed into just your table with your mates all night you might as well be sitting in an apartment/house with them having drinks there, not paying 6euro for a pint to a pub.

  4. SOQ

    Actually- this distancing thing may not be all bad. Pubs nowadays are designed to make you drink as much as possible as quickly as possible. Minimum seating and booming loud music so you keep knocking them back.

    Now, no or little music and space to sit is a more civilized experience so they might have a hard job returning to the old ways- at least in the short to medium time.

    Although in fairness I don’t remember The Market Bar ever having music?

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